Macrame Lampshade: A Masterpiece

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Some of them are traditional macrame patterns, while some are unique and modern based on the conventional knots, but with a twist. The craftsmen create an astonishing masterpiece with their hands and a few inexpensive craft supplies such as scissors, macrame knots, hot glue, cotton cords, etc. 

What is a macrame? 

Macrame is a crafting technique employing a variety of knots to craft different masterpieces. These handmade products are having a moment now, but it wasn’t the same always or for the first time. This is a thousand of years old technique. It has been in and out of the market regularly. One can easily trace back its history to the bohemian motivated wall hangings of the era of 1960-the 70s. This technique has regained popularity in the modern world. The dedicated artists and craftsmen are coming up with different pieces every day to attract people worldwide. 

Macrame products will always be there in the market. Popularity and practicality aspects are associated with macrame products. The craftsmen are taking macrame projects from basic wall hangings and plant hangers to an all-new level. 

Keep reading this if you wish to learn more about macrame products, how you can DIY fabulous lampshades, be it DIY crystal lampshade or DIY square lampshade, etc. 

Macrame Lamp Shade

Whether you need a lampshade for wedding function decorations, your room decorations, or a simple and boring table lamp, macrame lampshades are your solution. It takes the old and monotonous lighting decorations to another height. You can buy a macrame product for your home or gift someone as well. These are a perfect gifting option for anyone. Be it any occasion. Craftsmen create a true masterpiece when it comes to a macrame lamp. 

The material is 100% natural cotton and steel, or wooden rings. It gives a lampshade minimalist yet luxurious appearance. These beautiful products are the center of attraction at any celebrations or get-together. If there is any space in your home which is dull and lifeless, this macrame lampshade will add life and give a Bohemian look to that space. It fills a room with magical intrigue. Thus, they intend to create a statement.

Features of a macrame product 

Several knots are always put together to give the basic shape and function to a particular piece. There aren’t any special tools or machines for making a macrame lamp shade. Every single knot is handmade. Any handmade product incorporating one or many knots becomes a macrame product. Many times these knots of different pieces are joined together. The processes such as weaving or knitting make a statement piece. 

If you want to add boho lamp shades to your home space, then you can purchase one from the market or create a macrame product on your own. There are several online platforms that provide you with a macrame lampshade pattern for free. 

You need to start with a very basic design so that you can learn the knots and finish the project on time. It will keep you interested in the project. There are a few lamp shade patterns that are trickier and also time taking. You should not begin with the tough pattern at the beginner’s stage. There are chances that you will not be interested anymore. It is a little difficult to understand. You will quit the project in between losing interest in macrame lamps. Therefore, choose a pattern that is simple to create. 

Build a lampshade 

There are free tutorials available online, which you can watch to build a lampshade on your own. The things that you will need are:

Lamp base, light, lamp rings, hot glue and a hot glue gun, macrame cord, and some basic macrame knots. 

The different types of macrame knots which you can include in your DIY projects are a half knot, square knot (the simplest knots), lark’s head, clove hitch, overhand knot, gathering knot, spiral knot (elaborate knots), etc. It is obvious to start with the simple knot projects, if starting it as a hobby, and then go for the elaborate ones. Once you master the knotting techniques, you can create any pattern by simply altering the knots a little.

You can DIY square lampshade or DIY crystal lampshade. Within a few hours, your awesome lampshades are ready. You can hand them to the desired place. Macrame lightning adds boho decor to your home. Additionally, when you turn on the lights, beautiful patterns are made on the wall. It tends to give it a magical touch. These macrame products are gaining popularity in the hospitality sector as well. These are the attraction center for tourists too. 

Specifications of macrame Lamp Shade

The macrame lamp comes with some specifications. Some of them are as follows:

  • Craftsmen hand knot the cotton cords using macrame techniques to build a beautiful, masterpiece macrame lamp.
  • It poses no threat to the environment as the cotton cords are 100% natural; these products are eco-friendly and biodegradable.
  • They vary from small to gigantic pieces, totally depending on your preference and purpose. This can make of any size.
  • You even can get a specific piece customized just as your taste and preference. 


More and more people prefer handmade products nowadays. They are falling in love with these macrame products. These handmade pieces are also a source of employment in rural areas. As most of the workforce are women, it adds to the financial requirements of the family.

People view this as a business opportunity, too, as the handmade textile industry is rapidly growing. There are wholesale industries that are shipping awesome lamp shades around the globe. So, whether it’s a marriage ceremony, Bohemian-themed party, or a romantic get-together, decorate the space with macrame lampshades. It gives a magical and magnificent touch to your space. People are going to envy your collection of luxurious, handmade, natural, and sophisticated macrame products. Boho lampshades are a preference over any expensive lamp shade. 

Macrame lamp is quite easy to create on your own. There are macrame lampshade patterns available for free; get all materials required handy, and you are good to proceed towards DIY crystal lampshade, a simple yet classy masterpiece lampshade. 

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