I hate dieting: OBESITY & WEIGHT LOSS

I hate dieting!!! . . . These are the words which you often hear from the men & women who are trying to lose weight . . . Do you want to know the real reasons behind gaining weight/obesity & some practical solutions to lose weight ?? Grab a glass of lime water and a bowl of fruits, sit back & read this entire article.  

The 3 main reasons to gain weight

Men & Women gain weight, mainly due to the following three reasons. And let us look at each of them in detail. Hopefully, after reading this entire article, the overweight/obese will get insights & they won’t say, “I hate dieting”. And they would simply think, “Lose the weight you hate.”  

  1) Wrong/Bad food habits 

It is valid to a great extent that “We are what we eat.” Wrong/Bad food habits are the main reason for weight gain. People nowadays are binge eating fast food due to their busy lifestyle & to satisfy their taste buds. Moreover, people eat unhealthy street food. And also people often eat in restaurants it forms a habit.

Further, the fast foods you consume, which are available on the streets, are loaded with unhealthy calories and fats. Scientifically, a chemical called dopamine is released in the brain when you satisfy your taste buds. Particularly when you eat more fast food, it forms a habit. And when people gain a hell of weight, they yell out, “I hate my weight” and “I hate being fat.” 

  2) Lifestyle 

Our health is mostly dependent on the lifestyle we adopt. Particularly if we are sedentary professionals, then weight gain & health problems have a high probability. Because of a busy & sedentary lifestyle, people are gaining weight these days. Many people work for more than 9-10 hours sitting in front of their laptop/computer. And this sedentary work adds to health & weight issues.

Further, coming to children & teenagers, are particularly found watching videos & playing games on smartphones. And teenagers are hardly found in the playground playing football, cricket, basketball, or hockey. Significantly, this type of lifestyle invites health issues. When people particularly start noticing themselves in the mirror, they start saying.

“I hate being overweight.” Certainly, this serious issue has to be addressed, or people will unknowingly start putting on weight & complicate their health.  


Genetics plays a role in weight gain or, specifically, obesity. Disorders such as Bardet-Biedl syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome cause obesity in the body. And these disorders are particularly genetic. Studies have shown that genes can account for behaviors such as appetite and a tendency towards a sedentary lifestyle. Also, genes can specifically influence the metabolism of a body. However, genes are not always responsible for obesity.

Generally, the food habits & lifestyle of an individual also determine his/her weight. Further, there are cases where multiple genes may enhance one’s probability of obesity. In a nutshell, most of the time, obesity is caused because of food habits & lifestyle. But sometimes It is also because of genetics. Finally, the reason for people yelling “I hate dieting” and “I hate how fat I am” sometimes can be genetics. Learn more about genes by clicking here

So until now, we have seen why people become obese. In the following sections, we will look for ways to lose excess weight. Obviously, one can lose weight by working out, eating properly, and, more importantly, under the right guidance. So read ahead and look for weight loss tips.

MYTHS about weight loss and obesity 

There are many doubts about losing weight and obesity. And because of these myths, you will find people shouting, “I hate how fat I am” and “I hate being overweight”. Let us look at top myths.

1)All Calories are the same!

It is certainly not. Particularly, the different calories have different effects on your body. Basically, the calories you consume through proteins are different from the ones you consume through fats and carbohydrates. Also, you can switch to consuming more protein calories from fat and carbs calories. Further, the protein calories will enhance your metabolism and reduce appetite cravings.

Moreover, you can also eat lots of fruits (calories) for losing weight. These keep you full. And by consuming the right calories, you will not yell “I hate dieting” or “I hate eating healthy”.  

2) Weight loss is linear in nature

It’s a big No! The journey of weight loss is hardly the same throughout the milestones. Generally, you tend to lose more weight at some times & less at others. So don’t expect the journey to be a rail track. It is rather a mountainous path. Certainly, at times you feel like giving up on losing weight, saying “I hate dieting” and “I don’t like exercising.” And it’s particularly because you don’t lose weight during some periods, don’t get demotivated, just keep going!

3) Eating less and working out more  

Certainly, this is one of the most popular myths. Generally, many people who follow this myth end up regaining the lost weight. You particularly need to eat & exercise in the right proportion to lose weight &, important to manage weight. Subsequently, people fall into the trap of this myth and start hating “dieting” and keep saying, “I hate dieting.”

4) Supplementary foods will help you lose weight

This is a big myth, and unquestionably weight loss supplementary foods & medicines operate heavily on this myth. Particularly, the realistic patterns have shown that people hardly lose any weight by taking supplements. Generally, some genuine supplements can help you lose some weight. Basically, people fall for such traps & start eating supplements, and they don’t lose weight & start yelling, “I hate dieting” and “I hate my weight”

5) Being overweight is about will power & not biology   

Obesity is a complex issue; there are many biological and genetic reasons associated with it. Specifically, medical conditions such as Depression, hyperthyroidism & PCOS increase the risk of weight gain in one’s body. Basically, it is not willpower that accounts for your weight loss, but many biological & medical factors linked to it.


Basically, in this entire article, we went through the key reasons why people gain weight & myths about it. To summarize, weight is mainly gained by three factors wrong/bad food habits, lifestyle, and genetics. And there are top five myths around obesity & weight loss due to which people don’t lose weight & also shout out “I hate dieting” and “I hate being overweight”. So now that you know about obesity, deal with it & consult a good dietician to lose the weight you hate. 

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