Most Popular Things to do in Dubai in 2022

Most popular tourist attractions, Dubai desert safari, Dhow Cruise Dubai, and many more to add to the Dubai to-do list. If you’re searching for the top activities to experience in Dubai, we’ve got all the options. There are many unique activities to enjoy and places to visit in Dubai.

It’s time to go out and begin ticking these fantastic things you can accomplish within Dubai off your destinations to check off on your Dubai to-do list.

Desert safari Dubai

Dubai, The Desert Safari, is among the most exciting things you can do to take your love for Dubai throughout your time. With its fascinating Arabian sweets, Dubai draws visitors from across the globe. Desert Safari Dubai. It usually involves a six-hour excursion into the Dubai Desert. Dubai Desert on vehicles such as quad bikes, land cruisers, Camels, belly dancing, and horses. You can also take gorgeous photos in the dazzling dunes in the morning or sunset.

Safaris can be booked in various time slots, including the overnight safari in which you can take in a breathtaking night sky with stars at night in the Arabian Desert. Desert safaris with guests and family are among the most enjoyable activities everyone wants to experience when they arrive in Dubai. It is priced between around 120 AED or 700AED per person.

Why should you experience desert safari?

Desert Safari Dubai is a fantastic experience; at any stage, you assist yourself in maintaining the background, you are energized and refreshed. The overwhelming support from millions of visitors to this excursion with family and spouses ensures this Desert Safari Dubai is the best of various trips. Clean and impeccable vehicles and a friendly guide to your safari. Additionally, the family-friendly climate is essential for our safari adventures.

Then, Dubai provides plenty of excitement and excitement to your travels. And if you’re one of those looking to change the day around, continue it in my morning desert safaris are a must. The word desert is used to describe a barren and sandy area without life; however, the reality is not the case in deserts in the UAE.

This desert adventure should indeed be one of the “Must have” experiences in your itinerary. In particular, the morning in the desert will allow you to begin your day off with the most excitement and fun.

You’re likely to be exhausted from eating, shopping, and browsing. You’re not here to rest in peace, but you are looking forward to having a memorable trip. In this regard, nighttime desert safaris are an excellent method to relax in the beautiful deserts.

An array of activities to enjoy, such as a desert evening, is an experience that cannot be described in words. From Tanoura dance and dune bashing, eating, BBQ to sheesha smoking, stunning images of sunsets, and other things, This trip is the perfect chance to make your experience enjoyable.

Dhow cruise Dubai


The most significant talked-about waterfront developments worldwide. The whole Dubai Marina and the lagoon which runs through it is intended for tourist and recreational activities. Dhow cruise Dubai One of the best ways of experiencing it is sailing along the smooth waters of the lagoon with an old-fashioned wooden boat called Dhow. Al Wasl offers Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina an enjoyable, eating, Skyline viewing experience. It also provides a view at night from Dubai Marina District.

Dubai Marina District. It has many of the most famous and recognizable developments, including JBR, Cayan Tower, the Bluewater, Ain Dubai (the most massive and highest-altitude Ferris wheel on the planet), and many more high-rises that draw attention to the sky.

Marina experiences

Eye-catching views at Marina landmarks, outstanding hospitality, delicious dinner menu, thrilling entertainment. All of this plus much more summarizes the overall experience at Dhow Cruise Marina. There’s no time to be bored during the relaxing sailing of the cruise.


One of the first things that catch you is the stunning beauty in The beauty of Dubai Marina at night. When you look around the 3600 meters, you’ll notice landmarks like Dubai Marina Mall. The bizarre 1800-arcing Cayan Towers, The Bluewater development, the huge Ain Dubai (Newly opened, the tallest observation wheel on the planet). These iconic landmarks, beautifully lit in the dark, could be the perfect backdrop for a fantastic selfie.

The lavish buffet barbecue dinner is packed with choices for non-veg and veg delicious dishes. The meal begins with a welcome drink of juice, tea or coffee, and dates. Then, a selection of mouth-watering salads followed by the main dinner consisted of pieces of bread, rice, bread, and other side dishes. Dessert is the final item on the menu.

The onboard service is exceptional, and our staff can pamper guests and provide you with tour guides. The two-hour cruise concludes precisely where it began, and the overall experience will leave you craving to go back for more!

Final thoughts

Desert Safari Dubai There are mainly two kinds of dhow cruises available in Dubai: Dhow Cruise Creek and Dhow Cruise Marina. In between sails, the dhow cruise Marina has the highest well-known. Because the Marina region is thought to be the most contemporary and the most popular area. Additionally, it is heavily promoted by tour operators.

However, the cruise on a dhow along Dubai Creek gives you the experience of seeing the old part that is the heart of Dubai. In the end, you can reserve cruises according to your preference and what you’d like to observe.

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