Yahoo!!!… Are you bored with your monotonous life… Or are you looking for a destination to spend your vacation…. Then… Pack your bags & fly to Ferndale, Michigan & Ferndale, California… And before booking your tickets, I strongly recommend you to go through this short article… This will be the perfect guide for the things to do in Ferndale… So this article has it all the restaurants, museums, churches, events & many more… So read on! 

A Glimpse of Ferndale-Michigan 

Ferndale Michigan is popularly called a city in Oakland County of the Michigan state of USA. It is a part of Detroit Metropolitan. Further, Ferndale is a village; it has developed over the last decades into a city. There are many places to visit here, including downtown Ferndale and specifically 9 Mile Road. Meanwhile, the nearest airport is Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. The other nearing airports are Bishop International Airport & Toledo Express Airport.  

Top 6 Things to Do in Ferndale-Michigan

1. Valentine Distilling Co 

This is one of the best places to hang out. Specifically, you get some of the best drinks in the town. And the bartenders here are highly skilled & well dressed. Moreover, the bartenders offer a great range of drinks, which they make with great skill & talent. Undoubtedly, this is one of the things to do in Ferndale. 

2. Ferndale Events     

Many events take place in the city. Moreover, there are open mics, standup comedies, singing & dancing events, magic shows & many more. The events happen in the various bars & restaurants of the city. 

3. The Rust Belt Market 

Undoubtedly, it is one of the things to do in Ferndale. Specifically, Rust Belt Market is a shopping destination. And here you get all the local crafts & arts. There are many shops in this mall where you can buy various products. Also, many events like open mics, singing & dancing, and magic shows happen in the Rust Belt Market.

4. The Ringwald Theatre  

Certainly, this is one of the fantastic things to do in Ferndale. The Ringwald Theatre hosts many shows & plays that one can enjoy to the fullest. Moreover, a good number of people gather here to watch comedies, dramas, romantic plays & magic shows. Particularly, if you are spending an evening, Ringwald Theatre should be on your to-do list.  

5. Step On Bus Tours

Undeniably, this is one of the best things to do in Ferndale, Michigan. Step-On Bus Tour is a travel agent in the city. And it is famous around the city. Further, this travel agent takes you to all the must-see locations of the city. Particularly this is most sought after by tourists during Christmas, Halloween & the New Year.    

6. Ferndale Museums 

Specifically, this is one of the must & should things to do in Ferndale Michigan. Moreover, there are many museums in & around the city. Specifically, each of the museums has its specialty. Some of the museums are Ferndale Arts Cooperative, Royal Oak Historical Society Museum, Historical Museum, and Hamtramck Historical Museum.  

A Glimpse of Ferndale-California   

Ferndale CA is a city in Humboldt County, California, in the United States. Further, the city has developed over the years into one of the most developed cities in California. Moreover, there are notable Ferndale CA restaurants and the Ferndale Pizza Co. in and around the city. Specifically, the nearest airport is Arcata/Eureka. And the other nearby airports are Medford, Sacramento, Oakland, and San Francisco. 

Top 6 things to do in Ferndale – California     

1. The Victorian Village of Ferndale 

Undeniably, this is one of the top places to visit in the city. This village has fantastic collections of buildings & houses that seem to be a century old. Furthermore, it is a pleasure for your eyes to watch the streets & roads of this peaceful village. Specifically, the village has small & large Victorian homes that are beautifully painted and maintained well. Moreover, the roads are decorated very well, which during the evenings is great scenery. 

2. Lost Coast Scenic Drive 

Identically, this is one of the beautiful locations. The coast is a dreamland to watch. People enjoy long rides & walks along the beach. Moreover, the breeze & wind will add to your experience. And the greenery around the Lost Coast Scenic Drive is a pleasure to watch. Particularly you will notice many people on the weekends in this part of the city. Further, it is advised to get your belly & fuel tank full of exploring this coast as there are no food & fuel stops here. 

3. Ferndale Museum

Undoubtedly, the Museum is famous among tourists. The museum has artifacts that date back centuries. The Museum has preserved the heritage of the dairy community, which is dominant in the city. Moreover, the museum displays machinery & farm equipment which is fun to watch. Further, Ferndale has a history of Farmers & blacksmiths, and this is perfectly displayed in this beautiful museum.  

4. Fern bridge 

This is the iconic bridge located in the city. Particularly, it is a vital bridge that survived the disastrous flood of 1964; it was when Eel River had overflown & it had surpassed the bridge. Furthermore, the bridge attracts many tourists who have a great time here. 

5. Centerville Beach County Park 

Undeniably, this is one of the best tourist destinations in the city. The beach has a marvellous shoreline where you can have long drives & chill out for a long time. And the sunset & sunrise at the beach is a pleasure to watch. Furthermore, the beach attracts many visitors on weekends.   

6. Church of the Assumption 

Identically, this is the holy place in the city, and it is beautifully built across a large area. Specifically, the Church is open for mass on Sundays. Furthermore, the Church attracts many tourists & devotees. Particularly, the architecture of the Church is a pleasure to the eyes. And if you are visiting Ferndale CA then the Church of the Assumption should & must be on your to-do list. 


Finally, so far, we have discussed the top things to do in Ferndale, Michigan & California. And I hope the recommendations are tempting enough to pack your bags. Moreover, in Ferndale, Michigan, there are other things to do, like visiting the B.Nektar brewery, Detroit Axe gaming center, Painting with a twist, and Imperial Club.

Furthermore, there are many other things to do in Ferndale, CA as well. They are to visit the Historic Cemetery, Fern Cottage, Repertory Theatre, Golden Gait Mercantile, Art Gallery, and many more. So what are you waiting for? Pack & go boom.

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