How to Compress PDFs online for free

Do you urgently need to compress PDF Files? If you do so, then you are reading the accurate post today! Nobody can deny that PDFs are one of the most fantastic and versatile file/doc formats that could make transmissions and official communications a lot easier. However, one main issue that can end up with frustrations is PDFs are too large, and many platforms (Gmail, WhatsApp, etc.) do not support them. 

Many people have to include tons of graphics, tables, images, and other stuff in their PDF Files to make it attractive and elegant. It can lead to a giant PDF File size that badly requires an online compressor tool to reduce the size on the go! Users can compress PDF online from anywhere, at any time, without any hassles by utilizing these tools. 

Today, we will precisely talk about how to compress PDF’s size online for free in seconds! So, if you are ready to know more, then scroll down and flip through the bottom line!

How to Compress PDF File Size? – List of Best Online PDF Compressor Tools!

PDF compressor tools will reduce your PDF files to transmit it utilizing modern sharing methods like Gmail and WhatsApp. Many PDF compressor tools could reduce PDF to 100KB or less, which is well under the size limit on the most fabulous websites. The robust and updated algorithms of PDF compression programs will reduce the images while maintaining the quality to decrease the PDF size. They can also compress the textual part’s size to make it readable and uses less space than previously.

The Fact: When you want to rush the whole process and wish to get the job done accurately, the selection of tools can be daunting. Today, a user could meet several paid and free tools inside the web world that can confuse the user’s mind and insist on utilizing whatever you see. You would feel that every single online tool out there is fantastic and will give you accurate results. Yet, in reality, you might end up with frustrating errors. 

That’s the reason why you need to know about the tools and their details before dragging yourself into the selection process. For your ease, we have gathered the list of only tried and tested online compressor tools. So, scroll down and take a look!


While researching to grab the best tools, we notice that is the best and reliable tool to compress pdf file size that we must mention at the top of our list! This pdf compressor’s credibility starts with a straightforward and user-friendly interface, allowing users to do a particular task. You can Reduce PDF size of your files to share them easily with your clients. It is the most high-grade free PDF compressor tool with minimum frames of rules and advanced functions to reduce their PDF files in seconds. The striking thing about this platform is protecting user privacy, data, and the file’s original quality. never lets its users down and gets the job done without any single hurdle. Anyone would be required to pick an existing PDF file from their device and click the COMPRESS button. A reduced and compressed PDF folder will be in your hands – page by page, which you could then download on your processor.


It is another 100% cost-free platform, facilitating a smooth interface to compress PDF files quickly! is an open PDF reducer online without any hidden charges and ties. This easy-to-use PDF tool runs with any browser and working system, including portable devices. Aside from PDF compression facilities, Online2pdf offers multiple other features like blending, simple editing, conversion and can further unlock password-protected PDF files.

Users can easily choose up to 20 files collectively for concurrent Compression. The most extraordinary file size supported is 100MB for one doc and 150MB for all collectively. 

It is pretty easy to use. Users would only have to drag and drop their PDF files and hit on Compression. The tool will give you three compression options, pick the desired one and download your compressed file in one go!

  • PDF2Go

Last but not least! PDF2Go is another easy-to-use platform that anyone can efficiently utilize from anywhere at any time. PDF2Go has a clean, secure, and safe platform that could reduce file sizes, exceptionally high efficiency. The tool is massively working with multifunctional technologies to reduce the PDF size. It directs all its vigor and highlights decreasing the user’s file size to an adequate amount for you to transmit it easily. 

It aims to make the file more modest such that it still can be printed out and zoomed in without any sacrifice in quality. PDF2Go utilizes various compression algorithms on pictures and blows of more robust algorithms than anything accessible in the modern market.

The Bottom Line!

So, this is how you can easily compress your PDF Files online within instants for free!

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