PDFsimpli: Easy to convert docx to pdf

Data is an important aspect of our lives. We daily encounter thousands of data in the form of files and documents. Data is stored in different file formats so we can use it conveniently. We can store the data in different available formats according to our needs and requirements.

There are lots of file formats available in which we can store our valuable data. The various file formats in which you can store your valuable data include Docx, PDF, jpg, jpeg, png, tiff, ppt, Xls, et cetera. It will help us distinguish and understand the data more efficiently.

Why there’s a need to convert file format?

Different file formats have their use. If we want to do some editing in a specific file format, then sometimes it becomes necessary to convert the file format of the file. For example, you cannot edit anything in a PDF format, so you first have to convert the PDF file into a Word file. After the conversion, you will be able to edit the file with ease.

Another example is that if you want to share uneditable data, you have to convert your file from Docx to PDF. A PDF file is uneditable, and you can share a PDF file to share unchangeable data. We require changing the format of the file to ease our working. Data conversion is important, and a converter is necessary to convert the file format.


Who can convert their files?

The server for file conversion is open to all people. If you have an online internet connection, you can convert your files as per your need. There is no extraordinary criterion that one needs to follow to convert files. You only need to put your file on the server, and you will get the converted file within minutes. Whether you are a kid or an old one, you can convert your files without any trouble.

Where can you convert your Docx to PDF?

If you want to convert your file into different formats, you have to surf a bit on the internet to find a genuine website. There are thousands of websites available on the internet that will help you convert your file to the desired format. But before choosing the website, you must check the credibility of the website.

Many websites try to steal your precious data. So, choosing an authentic website is a must. One such trustworthy website on which you can convert your file is PDFsimpli. At PDFsimpli, you can convert Docx to PDF, PDF to Docx, JPG to PDF, PDF to PNG, TIFF to PDF, et cetera without worries. The website is secure, along with the collaboration of Norton Security.

How much does it cost to convert the file format?

it can be inconvenient if you don’t have the right software and will require too much time if done without the help of software. Many online converters are free to use, but some may have limitations or fees. It’s important to check before converting. The process of file format conversion is completely free. You don’t have to pay a single penny to convert the file that you want. Also, you can convert your files as many times as you want without any problems.

The server is always open, and you can do the conversion within minutes. If you PDFsimpli as your file converter, you can enjoy as many conversions as you want without paying a single penny to the website. The website is there to help you with all of your requirements.

Apart from being free, the website also offers you some editing tools to help you edit the documents if required. You can use tools like editing existing texts, using OCR, signing the contract, printing, downloading, saving, and many others. All these tools will help you make the document more engaging and detailed.

Is your data safe with PDFsimpli?

It’s a big yes to this question. PDFsimpli is a reputed website that ensures that the data of the user doesn’t get leaked. The website is operated by Norton Security, so you don’t have to worry about any data leakage. Every file that you like to convert is converted to the desired format without getting saved to the server.

The whole process that is involved in the conversion is online. Also, the file you want to convert is first encrypted and then decrypted to ensure the security of your data. The file is available on the server till you erase it after downloading it. You can use PDFsimpli to convert your schoolwork, homework, datasheets, professional works, et cetera.

How to convert Docx to pdf in PDFsimpli

The process that you need to follow to convert Docx to PDF is very easy. There is no rocket science that you need to understand to convert your Docx to PDF. Just follow the simple steps that are listed below, and you will be able to convert your Docx file into a PDF file with ease.

  1. Open the PDFsimpli website.
  2. Click on the “Word to PDF” converter icon. A new window will open.
  3. The new window will command you to upload your Word file. Select the Docx file from your device that you need to convert and click on the okay button.
  4. A process dialog box will appear on the screen. After the process is complete, a new page will get a load on your tab.
  5. Click on “Let’s get started” to continue.
  6. Another process dialog box will appear. After the completion of the process, you will get access to the editing page. Here you can edit the documents according to your requirements.
  7. Do the required editing if necessary.
  8. Click on the “Convert” icon at the top right corner of the screen. A new dialog box will appear on the screen.
  9. Select the file format in which you want to convert your file. If you want to convert the file into PDF, click on the radio button of PDF.
  10. Click on the “Download” button. Your PDF file will get downloaded to your device.