Royal Holiday Vacation Club: Supporting Tourism & The Economy

Tourism plays a crucial role in developing and sustaining the economies of many different places and countries. In fact, from 2015-2020, it had become the chief source of revenue for most counties around the world. 

Host destinations benefit in many different ways from tourism. Apart from fostering cultural exchange between visiting tourists and the native population of a country (which also helps the economy, albeit indirectly), tourism is responsible for developing the infrastructures of a country and directly creates hundreds of thousands of jobs. 

Regarding infrastructure, countries that rely on tourism for a large part of their revenue make substantial investments in improving the country’s infrastructure. This is because they want to attract more and more foreign tourists to the country and advanced, safe, and sophisticated facilities are necessary prerequisites for that end. 

This naturally leads to better transportation avenues such as new roads and highways, new airports, the gentrification of cities, improved public spaces and amenities, better healthcare facilities, and so on. 

And the improved infrastructures benefit the tourism sector and help many local and domestic endeavors, and, in general, facilitate the country’s overall economic and educational growth. 

Job Creation

The effect of tourism in creating new jobs and opportunities is also hugely significant and spans many different sectors and industries. The thousands of new jobs and business opportunities created are not limited only to the tourism and the hospitality sector (and all the different verticals that fall under it) but encompass several other vital sectors such as agriculture, health, communication, and education. 

Tourists visit new destinations to create new memories, have new adventures, and experience different traditions and the host nation’s culture. 

This directly benefits the locally-owned restaurants and accommodations, boutique stores, tours with local guides, artisan markets, etc., and multinational establishments such as chain hotels & resorts, restaurants, up-market stores, and shopping malls, etc. (thus helping the revenue of the country). 

Similarly, national and private museums, galleries, and the like showcasing the country’s history and culture get to thrive thanks mainly to international tourists. 

Economic Impact

Reports reveal that the tourism industry in 2019 alone contributed 10.4% of the global GDP. If we move on to stats Translated in monetary terms, that is a whopping 8.9 trillion US dollars.

In the same year, it also created 330 million new jobs globally- 10% of all new jobs worldwide. In fact, in the years 2015-20 (i.e., just before the pandemic hit bringing the tourism industry to an almost absolute standstill for months), the tourism sector was responsible for creating one in every four new jobs around the world. 

Moreover, in 2019, the industry clocked a 3.5% growth, thus easily exceeding the global economic growth of 2.5%. The information and stats given above should suffice to demonstrate how important a role tourism plays in our modern world towards sustaining the economies all around the globe. 

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Royal Holiday Vacation Club: On The Forefront of International Tourism

Royal Holiday Vacation Club, one of the leading global vacation clubs, facilitates international tourism through the many attractive benefits that it offers to its members. Currently, the club offers 180 destinations across 52 countries around the globe. 

However, it is expected that the club will soon offer an even higher number of destinations thanks to its new partnership with Resort Condominiums International (RCI), which is present in over 100 countries worldwide. 

Apart from the vast choices in destinations, members of the Royal Holiday Vacation Club also enjoy several other benefits. To begin with, the all-inclusive packages offered by the vacation club are a perennial favorite of many members. 

Also, thanks to Royal Holiday Vacation Club’s affiliations and partnerships with many top-of-the-line hotel chains and resorts, airlines, cruise facilities, as well as local club developments and other hospitality venues in many countries, the members get to enjoy huge savings on flights, accommodation, sightseeing tours, etc. 

Add to that the Royal Holiday Vacation Club Membership Rewards Program (which helps one earn rewards or credit points through several avenues), and it becomes clear why the club has become such a massive name in the international tourism scene. 

And through all these novel initiatives, Royal Holiday helps its members visit many new destinations around the globe relatively cost-effective manner, thus directly supporting the tourism industry in the countries these destinations fall in. 

Without Royal Holiday and its numerous perks and benefits, visiting many of these international destinations would not have been economically viable for many people who are now happy members of the club. 

The Thriving Mexican Tourism Scene

Research shows that at least since the 1950s, tourism has become a vital economic force in Mexico, thanks primarily to the substantial public investments in tourism infrastructure. 

Since then, Mexico has continued to stay on the radar of international tourists (with coastal towns and places of archaeological ruins driving the most tourists), and the importance of tourism in the country’s economy has begun to grow steadily rate. 

According to a National Survey of Occupation and Employment report, by 2019, over 4 million people were employed in the Mexican tourism sector. This represented 7.7% of the economically active population of the country. 

As with many other countries, the global pandemic also hit tourism in Mexico. However, things have been slowly coming back to normal in the last year. By now, one can safely say that the industry has fully recovered from the effects of the pandemic as tourists continue to flock to the sandy beaches and many other beautiful destinations of the country. 

In this connection, we must mention that the Royal Holiday Vacation Club has played its part (and a significant one at that) for the last three decades in the development of the tourism sector of the country. 

Although it has now become an industry leader in international tourism, Royal Holiday Vacation Club has begun its journey in Mexico. It is still headquartered in the beautiful Mexican beach town of Cancun. 

Accordingly, the club offers numerous destinations in Central Mexico, Mexican Pacific Coast, and the Caribbean. You may visit this page for a complete list of Royal Holiday Vacation Club Mexican destinations.