How To Enjoy An Amazing Road Trip In India

In a survey of over 115 countries, Holidu ranked India among the top ten regions in the world for an unforgettable cross-country road trip, according to news on Traveling to India exposes one to exciting history, rich culture, stunning architecture, mesmerizing natural wonders, and delicious cuisine, and taking a road trip is the best way to experience all these. But contrary to popular belief, road tripping isn’t about spontaneity. There’s a lot of planning involved if you want to have the best adventure trip in India. Keep reading to learn the essential tips for enjoying an amazing road trip around India. 

Choose a Road Trip Route

India has a diversified geography, meaning its natural beauty spreads across the region. Therefore, pick a route before hitting the road. Road trip routes worth taking in India are Mumbai to Goa, Delhi-Agra-Jaipur (the golden triangle), Guwahati to Tawang, and Chennai to Pondicherry. 

Each route has scenic views worth making stops to capture them. For example, a journey from Mumbai to Goa gives you an opportunity to enjoy picturesque views, explore historic sites, and have a taste of delicious food. A complete journey on this road takes about 10-12 hours, but there are several routes you can opt for a detour. Pune-Kolhapur via NH48 takes you to Kolhapur’s Panhala fort, a historic site, while the Mumbai-Chiplun-Sawantwadi route takes you to the captivating Ganpatipule beach. Guwahati to Tawang is a must-take route because every turn unfolds fascinating sceneries surrounded by lush greenery and snow-clad mountains. 

Budget for a Reliable Car

India’s diverse geography presents travelers with smooth and difficult terrain, meaning some roads can be difficult to navigate. So, when choosing a road trip vehicle, make sure it has a high dependability rating. This means your car should be comfortable, and spacious, feature advanced safety technology, be fuel efficient, and be convenient on any terrain. 

Once you’ve identified your ideal road trip vehicle, budget for fuel depending on your trip duration, also, don’t forget to set finances aside for repairs. Regardless of how dependable a car seems, it might break down anytime because of mechanical failures. With that said, find out the cost of towing a car in India and the fees mechanics charge for different repairs. Remember to get the contact details of a reputable towing service. That way, you will have someone trustworthy to call for help when your car breaks down. 

Know When to Travel

Typically, tourists travel to India from December to February when the weather is warm during the day and cool at night. However, research the best time to visit India and set your travel date based on your target destination. For example, plan your Indian road trip on any date from March to early June or towards the end of September to November if you want to enjoy a memorable trekking experience in the Himalayas. It’s worth noting January is a great time to road trip and engage in outdoor activities in Goa and other regions in the south because the weather is warm.

Road tripping is one of the best ways to explore India and interact with the locals. However, before hitting the open road, research your destination and plan. Think about what you want to see, then pick a destination and route. It’s also essential to buy a dependable vehicle and choose the perfect travel dates depending on where you want to go.