Things That You Should Know to Buy Best Silver Jewelry

Do you know anything about buying silver jewelry? If not! Then don’t worry; in this article, we will tell you few things that you should know before buying silver jewelry.

It is elegant, but finding the highest quality is quite daunting. Many online and local shops sell silver jewelry, but finding which one has the finest quality is not easy. One of the online stores that I use is Hadad silver; they have some finest and highest quality products made of silver.

Inspect the Price

 As you know, sterling silver is a precious metal; hence the price of the products can be high. So, it is essential to make sure that you are getting what you are paying for. We will strongly recommend you compare the prices from different shops to make sure you are getting the best jewelry.

You can start your research online- find the current market price of sterling silver. This market price will provide you the baseline to assess the price of different products.

You can also start by asking the price of a piece that you like the most. If you are getting cheap prices, it is a sign that the silver is not high quality.

We will advise you to avoid any discounts or bulk buying.

Talk to the Seller

If you are going to buy from an online store, then talking to the seller is difficult. But if you are buying from a local store, then you should talk with the representative. It will allow you to ask certain questions about the quality of the products and pricing. You should come prepared to be able to get the answers you need.

If the store has a physical location in the country- it is a good sign as there will be less chance of scam.

Silver-Grade Specifications

You should know that a real silver has certain markings that distinguish it from the fake ones. There should be hallmarks on certain places on the jewelry. You cannot see them from your naked eyes as they are usually tiny. You need to get a magnifying glass and a strong light source to check these markings.

If you have already purchased the piece, then you can easily inspect the product and tell whether it is a true silver or not.  A good quality silver jewelry will have these markings, .925 or STERLING.

If it says EPNS, then it is not a good sign as it stands for “electroplated nickel silver.” It means that it is not the original silver but a substitute.

You need to keep in mind that the original silver is malleable, which means it is a soft metal. To make the jewelry durable, we need to have an alloy mixed. High-quality silver jewelry will have pure silver with a tiny amount of stronger metal like copper.

NOTE: There are various websites where you can buy precious metals. But every good online seller has at least one physical business location specified on the website.

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