Top 5 trendy Stylish glasses of 2020

The day you are out of stylish glasses is the day you need the “me time” and develop a retail addiction. Just like Ariana Grande treats herself with her BFF by a new form of love for retail addiction, buying stuff sure does make you feel happy. Many people like to keep their glasses ordinary, as they put a restriction or limitation to that object. As of today, there’s nothing that is only meant for one definition. Similarly, glasses are not just a sight corrective tool but also a way to define your personality, look and taste in fashion. 

Each year there are new trendy stylish glasses that pop on everyone’s feed. Most of them adore it and add it to their wardrobe, while for others the hunt for the ultimate stylish pair continues. It can get tough at times when you get a diverse range of glasses. However, we are here to completely resolve that confusion and sort it down to top-notch frames that are in wide demand. Our selected glasses are genderless, aka it’s applicable for both men and women. Afterall a prince of accessory is intended to be involved by all the genders. 

Here are the Top 5 trendy stylish glasses of 2020

1. Geometric Glasses

Do not know if you took geometry serious in school or not? Currently, the geometric glasses are a pretty serious trend. The design and craft are highly appreciated by worldwide models, musicians and artists. First and foremost thing about these glasses is they are completely new to our eyes. All of them are eccentric and unconventional and with their perfect symmetrical shapes, it gives your face a balanced structure. 

The geometric trendy stylish glasses for men and women come in a variety of styles and designs. The one that’s currently popular is metallic hexagonal frames. The frames look fun, experimental and are in beautiful lustrous texture such as rose gold, silver, mild pink and pastel blue. It gives a youthful and fresh appeal to your face.

2. Acetate & Metal Mix Aviator Glasses

Aviator glasses are so wide in use, your dad must have owned at least 2 or 3 pairs. For a while, I never considered aviator frames in the stylish glasses designer group but lately, I’m all for it. In case you are living under a rock, Aviator glasses got a new makeover. No more the same metallic design with no changes and unique creation. 

The current acetate and metal mix aviator glasses are a hit among teenagers and adults. Whether you use it for your prescription or blue light lenses, these stunning stylish glasses are a must necessity. Acetate & Metal mix aviator glasses are now colourful, with prints and just out of the world. In your mix aviator glasses, you’ll see an acetate lining in a beautiful texture that adds glamour and beauty to these simple metallic frames. It adds greater value to your wardrobe and brings a charming appeal on your face.

3. Translucent Glasses

There are only a few designs that you never intend to hate or get tired of even after you see them quite often. That’s the case with translucent glasses. These stylishglasses for women and men are the definition of what a modern, sophisticated and off-centre frame feels like. The translucent design of acetate gives it a shiny and rich polished surface. The smooth surface further gives shine on your face. Yes, translucent frames are considered one of those frames that work as a coffee for your face. It completely changes your face up and makes it look active. 

Another best part about translucent glasses is they are unbiased of skin colour. I know, talk about being WOKE! No one is as politically correct than our translucent frames. Translucent frames enhance every skin complexion be it dark or light. It creates a gleaming appeal that highlights the eye area into making it the prominent focus.

4. Colourful Round Glasses

Say goodbye to Harry Potter fans here as these glasses are much more advanced and better looking than harry potter glasses. Colourful round glasses are sharp and thin designer into perfect metallic frames. However, what you usually see in metallic frames doesn’t stick with them. Often metallic frames are subjected to few colours like rose gold, brown, black or silver but these are off-limits. You can get funkier, vibrant and in all other moods with these colourful round frames. 

You get them in green, pink, yellow, blue and more. Wear the pink one for a romantic date, the green on Mondays to remain active and refreshed while the blue ones to when you are sad. We’ll take that back, you must never be sad! Wear the blue ones one nice weather to match with the blue sky and the yellow ones to your friend’s party and sleepovers. 

5. Cat-eye Glasses 

Can you be any more stylish? The answer is YES! You can be heck more stylish and fashionable with the real masterstroke that we saved for last. Cat-eye glasses are the ultimate girls’ companion in life. Cat-eye glasses contain such sass and attitude that you’ will never get from any other accessory. 

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