Vietnam haircut: Everything you need to know

Vietnamese haircut has shifted from traditional Vietnam haircut to some modern and trendy haircut trends. Nowadays, both men, as well as women, have drastically changed their haircut preferences. In older days, Vietnamese haircut for women was long black silky hair. Hairdo Trends for women have changed in Vietnam. It has changed a ton during the most recent ten years. 

Vietnam War haircut was preferred during the 17th-20th century. Long hair was a symbol of identity for Vietnamese soldiers. Variations from the Vietnam War haircut even led to jail terms. There were strict haircut rules and regulations. 

The latest Vietnam haircut ranging from the undercut, and slick back to a side part, etc. are quite famous. Though, these haircuts are against the traditional values and beliefs of Vietnam. But, people prefer comfort easiness, and dynamism in managing their hair to values and beliefs. In addition to the comfort level, face shape, and body, the physique also plays an important role in choosing the right haircut style. 

How about discovering the latest Vietnam haircut trends today? 

Vietnam haircut

1. Bob cut the hairstyle for a woman.

Long haircutting to sway and short hairstyles are progressive patterns that are nearly against the Vietnamese culture. The bounce hairstyle is about the length of the jawbone. This particular hairdo for women has many styles. You can cut similarly, and do tail-bowing with your face too. Or then again, you can likewise do tenderly managing, twisting, etc. Likewise, weaved hair additionally has long bounce haircuts which makes you look girly.

2. Short haircut hairstyle for woman 

Dynamic, sleek hairdos are the most mainstream pattern for youngsters today. They have parted their ways from old and traditional long hair cutting, black and silky hairstyles. Not only does it assist you with saving a ton of hair care time, but also causes you to feel significantly courageous. It even makes a woman more alright with the environment of Vietnam.

Again, this Vietnam haircut trend is against the Vietnamese haircut culture women prefer today. It not only makes them feel powerful and energetic but also liberated and young. 

3. Layered haircut trend among Vietnamese women 

Women today prefer every haircut other than the traditional Vietnam haircut. Hence, this is a haircut that gives you light, agreeable sentiments. It is a layered haircut. And it is very advantageous for voyaging on the grounds too. It even requires some investment to prep or wash your hair. This is basically for the individuals who need to disguise their faces and surrender. This hairdo also brings more certainty and happiness when speaking with individuals around you.

4. Tangled haircut for woman

Nowadays, the pattern for new and wonderful Vietnam haircut hairdos consistently has a solid fascination among young ladies. Hence, tangles are quite famous among Vietnamese women these days. Your unsettled hair will make you look more lovable than at any time in recent memory. Additionally, it is both delicate and cool. It also promises to satisfy numerous young ladies who love the goal of changing their appearance for any reason. 

5. Haircut with lengthy bangs for women 

This is another latest trend among Vietnamese ladies. This haircut helps your face look a lot slimmer. Furthermore, brings you a ladylike look. The coloring for this haircut is additionally very different and also very simple to pick. This haircut additionally coordinates with many design styles. When tied up, you will look extremely powerful and flawless.

6. Side-parted haircut for men. 

Not only women but men have opted for some trending haircuts. The famous among them is a side-parted haircut. This is a serious old haircut and has numerous varieties in agreement with the advanced hairstyle patterns. Side part hairdos have numerous remarkable focal points that are a blend of exemplary and present-day styles to make a rich class. Furthermore, the Side Part is appropriate for some styles and places, for example, going to class, working, or hanging out.

7. Haircut with glossy back hairstyle for men 

This is a Vietnam haircut for individuals who like the exemplary style. What’s more, it is extremely simple to shape and cut. This haircut requires a hairdresser to be fastidious, exact in each trim just as stroking wax or hold tacky, styling cautiously. It is truly appropriate when joined with a vest. Additionally reasonable for road style too. It is also a very trendy Vietnam haircut at present. 

8. Buzz haircut for men 

This is a cool hairdo for men who just needn’t bother with much consideration. With this haircut, you can undoubtedly win over the contrary individual from the outset sight as a result of the solid manliness and force. Numerous athletes, for example, football players or effective money managers, film entertainers, and A-rundown stars love this wonderful hairstyle a lot.

It is presumably quite possibly the most well-known hairdo among men in Vietnam today. Even an individual can get this haircut trimmed. It is a haircut that is appropriate for men with plump chins and broader face cutting. 

Famous Vietnam barbershop

Vietnam haircut 

Several Vietnam barbershops provide their customers with quality and affordable hairdo services. Mentioned below are a few of them:

1. Liem Vietnam barbershop

This barbershop is exclusively for males. It is also famous for tattoos other than hairdo services. The Vietnamese haircut price at his shop is reasonable. They have experienced and dedicated staff also. They have the art of tattooing or hairdos. 

2. 30shine barbershop 

This again is an exclusive male barbershop. It is a very famous barbershop in Vietnam. It has many branches throughout the country. Advanced reservations are made to get in here. They too have dedicated and experienced staff. A 7-step haircut is the specialty of this shop. Even this Vietnamese haircut price is quite affordable for common people. 

3. Women’s salon Thao Tay 

This is a very popular Vietnam hair salon for women. The professionals work at this shop. They too have experienced and dedicated professionals. It provides a list of services to its customers. Cutting, twisting, extending, coloring, and extensions are a few popular services at this shop. 


The Vietnam haircut trends are drastically shifting to the latest hairdo trends. It is surely evident from the above-mentioned trending haircut styles. Long, black, and shiny were the identification of Vietnamese people. But nowadays, people prefer a bob cut, short hair, layered haircut, etc. over long and silky hair. They are looking for comfort in a haircut. 

There are many popular and dedicated Vietnamese salons as well. The services offered at these salons are affordable as well as satisfactory. When in Vietnam, choose one for a trending haircut

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