Anime Thighs Lyrics: New Trend in The Anime World

Are you searching to know about the trending anime thighs? Yes! You are in the right place. Every now and then the animation world develops characters that are a fantasy to the real world. The characters in the light novels, manga, or anime world are a combination. Sometimes, they depict human features, and other times, they are much more like animals and humans together.

Lately, the anime thick has become a new trend for the anime girl’s character. It simply refers to the thick thighs of the anime characters. It is visually better and appealing than the well-toned thighs. If you too have a fetish or attraction towards thick thighs. You are in the right place.

We have curated every single detail here that you should know. Also, the popular anime thigh lyrics are the new trend of the anime world. So, without wasting any time, let us start.


Several otaku fictions, light novels, visual novels, or even manga world have girls with thick and curvy thighs. It refers to as anime thighs. It could refer to males but, is commonly used for female anime characters only.

These visually appealing characters are visible in the animation world only. In real life, this just has an approximation. There can be no similarity between anime and the real world.

Most of the time, the anime characters develops by combining features of human and animals altogether. One such example is a cat lady. She may be a woman but, again, with cat features like tail, etc. thus, this doesn’t seem to have validation in the real world.

But, recently people are fantasying about these anime thighs of female anime characters. This is due to several underlying reasons. Read on to know a few of them.  

Who made Anime Thighs song?

The thick and curvy female character thighs in the anime world are popular. The following are the reason behind it:

The definitive slang thick thigh uses for the female character thighs. In general, this is slang that means curvy and sexy. So, people are growing fantasy over these anime characters. People are finding the thick, fat, and curvy thighs of the anime characters a lot more visually appealing.

“Zettai Ryōiki” is the lately used phenomenon in the anime world. Here in this process, the anime females are wearing short skirts and long socks with them. This combination makes the thighs look even fatter and curvy. This is the reason why it so visually appealing to the real world.

Lately big anime thighs song became very popular. The anime thighs lyrics are written by MC Virgins (ft. Wonder) or virginanime. The song has been developed in reference to the anime thighs relevancy. While a few appreciated the song but, a lot of people showed anger over the overly sexualized lyrics. In any case, the show was on back several years before. Yet it is available on the internet. The makers of the song confessed to making it out of fun and comedy. It doesn’t intend to do any harm or context to any individual. The song was about to get down from the internet platform but, as of now, it is available on several platforms.

Why Anime Thighs is so obsessive?

The inclination for thick and curvy thighs or thick anime thighs has become so popular in the real world. At present, it is unclear when it got such a fan following and inclination.

It began simply as the short skirts with long socks worn by the females of the anime world. Slowly and gradually, it is what people are obsessing with lately. The reason behind this could be anything. Ranging from personal choice to visually appealing characters in the anime world. Some of the underlying reasons are as follows:

  • Firstly, the visually appealing thick thigh gives a sense of fantasy and sexual inclination to people in the real world.
  • Secondly, it might be a method for the character developers to make the character famous.
  • Thirdly, not only people are mad over the naked thighs of the anime characters. But, in addition, the thighs covered with full-length socks and a short skirt are a more appealing and sexual sight for people in the real world.

Why do anime character features look horrible in real life?

In addition to thighs anime, several other anime character features fantasize in the anime world. This is no hidden fact that these features are sexually appealing to real-world individuals. But, there are some of the features which when imagined in real life will look horrible and funny at the same time. Read on to know some of them:

  • Side mouth 

Firstly, the anime characters proudly show the side mouth. This looks good on the anime characters, whether male or female. But, in real life, this feature looks really funny and horrifying. Don’t believe me! Try the side mouth yourself.

  • Smile with closed eyes

Secondly, the anime characters look cute smiling with closed eyes. People in real life may attempt this. But, be cautious, you may look funny and horrifying at this time.

  • Boys with spikes and long hairs

Another adorable feature in the anime world is the boys with long and spiky hair. It is visually appealing in the anime world. Ever seen this in the real world? Go on! Search for this on the internet, around you, or anywhere and discover what we mean.

  • Godly muscles

The woman fantasizes about the males with godly muscles. But, do this is evident in the real world as well. Try it yourself.

  • Animation eyes

The glittery and visually appealing anime character eyes are superb in the anime world. But, what about the real world. This looks horrifying and funny at the same time in the real world. Don’t believe this! Try this yourself.


This was all about the reel and the real-world difference. The features of the anime world might fantasize you and you may feel them sexually appealing. But, in reality, the real world finds it horrifying and funny.

It is better to keep the anime world separate from your real world. Next time when you see your favorite character from the manga, light novels, visual novels, or ay anime world, you are free to fantasize them your way. But, keep in mind the difference between the anime world and the real world.

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