Wand of Fortune: Game of Adventure and Magic

Are you searching for the wand of fortune manga anime lately? Yes! It seems you are a huge fan of magic. You have come to the right place. Most of the time, we simply love the games which involve a little combination of adventures and magic.

Manga anime game- a wand of fortune developed by the Idea Factory back in 2009 in Japan is one such game. Afterward, several versions have been developed and published. These being loved by fans across the globe.

If you are planning to get one for you, here are the details you need to know beforehand. This will not just help to successfully get to know the basics. In addition, the varied characters and their attributes become clear. So, let us start.

What is the wand of fortune?

The Otomate factory is an idea factory that developed and published the manga or visual novel anime game back in 2019 in Japan. Since then, several versions are available in the market. With two fan discs and 2 sequels, the game has attained huge popularity and fan following across the globe. Also, in Otomate’s franchise, this is the longest-running manga so far.

The game is in a fantasy city from the Medieval period. The name of the city in Latium. A 15-year-old girl- the Lulu isn’t born with innate elements. But, still is very passionate and hopeful about learning magic.

What are different versions of the wand of fortune available today?

Several subsequent versions of the wand of fortune game are available. The list is as follows:

  • 2009: Wand of Fortune
  • 2010: WoF Mirai e no Prologue
  • 2010: WoF Twin Pack
  • 2011: WoF 2: Jikuu ni Shizumu Mokushiroku
  • 2012: WoF 2 FD: Kimi ni Sasageru Epilogue
  • 2012:  WoF 2 Twin Pack
  • 2016:  WoF R
  • 2017:  WoF R2: Jikuu ni Shizumu Mokushiroku
  • 2018: WoF R2 FD ~ Kimi ni Sasageru Epilogue

These are all of the manga series available as of today. The developers are the idea factory. This series got successfully published in Japan. Later after wand of fortune episode 1, fans from all over the world showed an inclination to this game.

What are the characters?

There are several important characters that make the game altogether exciting and interesting. You should know about every one of the characters in detail beforehand. In addition, their innate elements are of utmost importance as well. We have curated the details of the characters for you. Read on.

  • Julius Fortner:

he is 17 years old with the wind as an attribute. In addition, he is a passionate enthusiast when it comes to magic. For him magic is everything. He wants to learn new spells and tricks every day. Along with this, he dreams to create his own spells one day.

  • Noel Valmore:

he is another popular character in the game aged 17 years. His attribute is Earth. He wishes to help everyone with his magic. In addition, he is a little talkative. But, a beautiful human being from inside. In addition, Noel wants to become the best magician in the entire world.

  • Alvaro Garay:

with Light as an attribute, Alvaro who is 23 years old is another popular character in the manga series. He is a cunning fellow who under his smile and social attributes has many hidden secrets. His magic has led him to specialize in using weapons and at the same time, hiding weapons. Wand of fortune Alvaro Garay is a very popular character.

  • Bilal Asad Ithnan Faranbald:

ages 21 with water as an attribute. He is the second prince coming straight from the kingdom of Faranbald. For him magic is everything. He is learning spells to get rid of the water scarcity in his kingdom. But, certain unavoidable circumstances forced him to return back to his kingdom.

  • Lagi El Nagel:

ages 16 years with an attribute fire. He is suffering from a hidden condition. This condition transforms him into a dragon when he gets too close to any female. In addition, he has left with two options. Firstly, to live life as a human. Secondly, to live life as a dragon. The decision is tough. Although he must choose the best one to survive.

  • Est Rinaudo:

he is 14 years of age. His attribute is dark. He is the youngest but, with the greatest magic attributes. His place of origin has a greater influence on his personality. I addition, the same is the reason Est hating people around him.

These were a few of the popular characters at the Academy. Each of them has his or her own reasons to learn or master the magic skills.

What about wand of fortune lulu?

The Lulu happens to be the central character on whom the manga is dependent. She is a young girl aged 15 years. She falls head over heels with her grandmother’s magic. Thus, she is passionate about learning magic as well.

She is a very positive young girl, who is full of hope, passion, and dedication. Everyone in the Latium city of the fantasy world is born with an innate element. This element enables them to perform magic efficiently. But, unlike others, Lulu isn’t born with any such element. This is the main hindrance in her path towards learning her longed magical attributes.

To fulfill her dreams and longing for learning magic, she gets admission into an institute. This is the Mils Clare Academy. It is present in the city of magic, Latium only. Here, she struggles through her day-to-day regimen to fulfill her dreams, to learn the magic. Moreover, to develop the innate element.

In addition, several new friends with a born element for magic surround her at the institute. The manga series is all about Lulu struggling every day. Moreover, she is striving to achieve her dreams.


This was all about the manga visual novel or wand of fortune anime. In the game, you get to play the character, Lulu. While she is at the academy she should find her attribute. Otherwise, the officials will have to put a ban on her and seal up her abilities to perform magic. In order to survive, you have to win the heart of anyone boy among the 6 present at the academy. Moreover, his attribute will become yours. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and explore more!

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