Top r Minecraft Posts that went viral on Reddit

R Minecraft subreddit has one of the largest gaming members on Reddit. It has 7.2 M members. These numbers are enough to show the passion people have for this game. The game has always been since its release in 2011. A prototype was out for test gaming in 2009.

What is R Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game. Markus Notch is the creator of this game and Mojang studios has developed it. Minecraft soon became the best-selling game of all time. Till 2021, it has sold over 238 million copies. More than 140 million people play it actively. 

What to do in the R Minecraft game?

The R Minecraft game is a 3D block game that gives its players to discover, create, and destroy the kinds of stuff inside the game. The game has no fixed rules and levels to cross hence the players have full freedom to do whatever they want. 

There are dirt, sand hills, stones, ores, and mountains which are in form of blocks. Your work is to find out rewards by visiting different villages, digging different temples, and creating a new architecture for yourself. It is solely dependent on you and how you execute it.

The antagonist of the game are zombies, spiders, skeletons, enderman, and a creeper. These are creature dangers to the players. They attack at the night. Every day and night is a 40-minute cycle inside the game.

You can choose the game mode and game difficulty level from peaceful to hard. 

Top 10 R Minecraft posts of all time:

1. The pickaxe race: 

A Reddit Minecraft player decided to make something very fascinating and attractive. He also posted it on Reddit by his user ID named u/kwikenkwak. He created a race track between all kinds of pickaxes available in the game. 

As the race starts, the gold pickaxe goes very fast and seems to win the race. But soon, that pickaxe broke because of its poor durability. The Nephrite was digging at a constant pace and he wins the race too. The diamond pickaxe comes second and so follows the iron pickaxe.  

2. The not-so-normal water bucket fall: 

It is always great to see a falling water bucket from a high place in R Minecraft. However, one player went way far than this. The main character falls with the water bucket. The video clearly showcases the editing skills that the player and Reddit user u/13th player has. 

The video shows us the main character passing through all different dimensions. It seems like we are watching a straight fall into each dimension one by one. It includes the very famous Notch temple and sky block world. In the video, you will also see a command block and a TNT launcher for the loop. It has got 128k upvotes on Reddit.

3. Demonic creatures with cute facial expressions: 

Minecraft game has demonic creatures in it. There are zombies, large spiders, creepers, ghasts extra. They look creepy and dangerous in the night cycle of the game. 

One Reddit user u/lecksachmecka went a step ahead of this. He created their eyes and faces with cute expressions. He captured this on recording and posted it on the subreddit r/minecraft. 

The mob looks more alive with their expressions. Villagers also got their facial expressions. In my thought the creator wanted the game to be more real than just blocks. This post got 132K upvotes.

4. How steep we can go with a staircase? 

Making a staircase can be difficult for anyone. You may fall back. But there is one player who has created the steepest staircase possible in the world of Minecraft. 

Minecraft allows you to make tools that can help you to go advance in the game. However, this player went too ahead with his capabilities. The Minecraft Reddit user created a long vertical staircase with a slab, glass pane, chest, belly, and a piece of cake. 

The staircase works amazingly. Everyone gets surprised by watching that working in real. This post went viral too and it has 134K upvotes.

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5. r/Minecraft Zippling Contraption: 

Sometimes gamers build some very unusual stuff. Minecraft allows you to create a new machine, home, and tools for you. There is a command to make so. However, a zipping rope is one of the hardest tools you would ever try to create. 

A player did the same by using 1000 commands in its creation. He made a contraption machine that shoots rope to a great distance. By making this he can easily pass through big valleys in a minute. This post got 139K upvotes in r Minecraft.

6. The classic hotel: 

Have you ever seen a 5-star hotel in Minecraft gameplay? A Reddit user named u/proud-External6858 has built a fantastic hotel. The hotel is well-designed and has extreme detailing on its exterior and interior. The builder can surely become a great designer. The hotel’s main door is red and brown in color. The top of the hotel is extremely beautiful because of its green color. It has prismarine on the top. The total exterior has stones, sandstone, walls, birch wood, and white concrete.

7. Copper Golem Castle: 

A user u/AnimalMaceWasTaken has built bulky homages to copper golem mob. The r Minecraft structure looks like a Japanese Minka House. It has walls similar to a copper golem’s face. The user seems like a mob fan.

8. Mountain Bridge: 

A bridge always holds a special kind of attraction towards itself. A user named u/TomatoSimilar735 has created this bridge. The bridge consists of fine detailing. The nearby mountain makes this more beautiful. The user has included arches and pillars to create this bridge.


Since its release, Minecraft has been people’s favorite for a reason. The freedom that a player has in this game has been seen nowhere. The gameplay supports the creativity of the players and hence players also show their incredible imagination. 

Above are the top creations that r Minecraft has seen to date. However, there are many others also who have done a wonderful job. You can also join the subreddit of Minecraft and show your creativity to the world.

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