Why an Inflatable Paddleboard is Essential for Your SUP Adventures?

Why an Inflatable Paddleboard is Essential for Your SUP Adventures?

Do you love traveling to distant shores, and exploring new cultures and landscapes? 

Are you a beach lover who enjoys holidaying in the beaches of Asia, Europe, and the Americas? 

Does the thought of trying out exotic foods and discovering the magnificent local landmarks send a thrill of excitement up your spine? 

If you answered yes to these questions, then you are a true globe-trotting adventurer. The world is your playground, and all you need to do is stock up on the right ‘toys’. 

After all, even the most exotic foreign lands can be made more exhilarating with the right tools and equipment.  When was the last time you visited a foreign beach without your favorite waterproof camera and trusty travel backpack? You know it as well as we do – traveling can be a lot more fun when you’ve picked the right gear for the trip. 

And if you’re planning a visit to some distant beach, then one of the most important pieces of gear that you need to pack is the inflatable paddleboard. 

An Inflatable Paddleboard for Your SUP Adventures

One of the most popular water sports of the 21st century; stand-up paddleboarding is easy and exciting, while also being an effective full-body workout. It is also quite versatile, accessible, and a great way of burning calories while having fun with your family and friends.  

But to fulfill your dream of a globe-trotting SUP adventure, you first need to get yourself a reliable and portable paddleboard to take with you on your travels. 

Of course, like any other gear, you can rent or buy a paddleboard once you have reached your destination. But not every tourist spot suitable for paddleboarding will have a SUP renting facility. This is especially true if you plan to visit some of the more remote and untouched beaches of the world, that is off the popular tourist trail. 

Even if you managed to find a place offering paddleboards on rent, this could get very expensive, very quickly. 

If you’re planning to spend your entire vacation in a single town or village, then renting a paddleboard would not be a problem. But if you plan to travel between different towns and countries, then you will have to shell out a substantial chunk of cash to rent a paddleboard at every new stop. 


In such a situation, carrying your own inflatable paddleboard would be much more convenient and economical than renting or buying a new one at every destination.

Buying a Paddleboard

Buying an inflatable paddleboard might be more expensive than renting one, but this would be a one-time expense. Once you’ve made the purchase, you can take your paddleboard with you on various trips and adventures. 

Most importantly, you will never have to spend money on renting a paddleboard again. Nor will you be forced to forgo your favorite water sport if your chosen destination does not have any paddleboard renting facilities. 

An inflatable paddle board will give you the freedom to indulge in SUP in every corner of the world – regardless of how remote or out-of-the-way it might be. A body of water and a personal floatation device will be all that you need, to go paddling whenever your heart desires. This is also a great full-body exercise. So grab an inflatable paddleboard and start your own paddleboarding workout

Advantages of an Inflatable Paddleboard

In essence, paddleboards come in two major varieties – hard and inflatable. Hard paddle boards are typically made from fiberglass and epoxy resin. While inflatable boards usually consist of tough PVC plastic covering a foam core. 

While hard paddleboards do provide greater stability and performance, the community of globe-trotting, adventure-loving SUP enthusiasts by and large favors the inflatable boards. 

This is because inflatable paddleboards are portable and incredibly easy to store, among other important advantages. This makes them better for long-distance traveling. Which is what most adventure-loving vacationers truly need and want in their SUP gear. 

Inflatable SUP boards are also more durable and less vulnerable to scratches, dents, and abrasions. Curious to know why that is? 

You’re in luck! 

Below, we will learn a bit more about the features and benefits of inflatable paddleboards. 

Easy to Carry Around

When not in use, an inflatable paddleboard can be deflated and folded neatly into a small case or backpack. When deflated, it is lightweight and easy to store. So you can simply throw it into a suitcase or bag when traveling by car or airplane. 

You will not have to pay for extra space or deal with any annoying airline baggage policies. When traveling abroad with your inflatable paddleboard, as they are design to be compact and travel-friendly. 

Easy to Store

Inflatable paddleboards are easy to store, as they do not take up a lot of space. This can be a huge blessing when you’re traveling on a tight budget. After all, lodging costs usually make up the bulk of your traveling expenses. And there simply isn’t enough space for a large, solid paddleboard in a tiny hostel or Airbnb rental. 

Inflatable SUP boards can be deflated and rolled up until they are no bigger than the average sleeping bag. So your paddleboard won’t take up precious space in your cramp living quarters when it is not use. You can push the folded paddleboard under your bed. Forget about it until it is time to hop into the water for your next SUP session. 

Greater Durability

Inflatable paddleboards are more flexible and springy than their solid counterparts. This means that they can better handle an impact with rocks and debris, while out in the water. 

If a solid SUP board were to collide with a rock while you’re out paddling in a fast-moving river, then it would most likely get chip or dent. An inflatable board would be much more resilient since the flexible, rubbery surface (made from tough PVC) makes it absorbent and resistant to all kinds of damage.  


In short, a high-quality inflatable paddleboard from Gilisports will allow you to go on your adventurous vacations without breaking the bank. It will help you stay safe in the water while also saving you a great deal of unnecessary effort and expense. So it’s no wonder that inflatable boards have become such a favorite among SUP enthusiasts around the world.

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