Why WordPress Sucks and Creates Problems?

Much-famed as an open-source platform for creating and developing high-end websites, WordPress is a specialized content management system. It is the ability to use MySQL database and written technically in PHP. In today’s technology-oriented world, this platform is powerful and easier to operate. The purpose of using such a platform to build websites is to ensure the development of various thematic websites. There has been a question that why WordPress sucks and what possibly could create the issue.

In fact, it has emerged as an excellent solution for creating small and power-packed websites. But, technocrats are finding a variety of problems with WordPress that has become an answer for why WordPress is bad. Indeed, the WordPress limitations with security, plugins, support issues, complicated management, and many more have enabled technical experts to opt-out of WordPress. Indeed, there are many reasons stating that why WordPress sucks.

Why WordPress is bad?

WordPress has managed to create a space for itself in the technical world. But, the problem lies in its features and functionalities that create obstacles for smooth operability. Under-mentioned is the reasons, which define why WordPress is bad:

  • Not Meant for Highly Technical Websites:

When it comes to the matter of developing a simple website without many sections opening separately, WordPress is absolutely fine. But, the problem lies with the fact of making websites having various member pages with a separate bio for every page. In this condition, the structure becomes complex and difficult for WordPress to manage. The reason is that complex structures create functional issues in WordPress.

  • Improper Support Service:

The main problem with WordPress is that it does not have a proper support system. This requires you to hire a third party for handling customer support troubles. Such companies take time to review and conduct research for handling the architecture. It will turn to be costly for you to get services from other companies. It defines the fact that why WordPress sucks.

  • Security Issues:

As a matter of security concerns, WordPress-based websites are one of the easiest targets for hacking. The main issues lie with a variety of plugins and relative updates that hamper the security problems in WordPress. Moreover, possible plugin updates may lead to conflicts between two plugins operational together. These security loopholes may allow hackers to invade your company’s database and leak important information as well. This is the reason that new WordPress sucks a lot.

  • Complicated Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is quite challenging to operate in WordPress. The matter is about selecting the right plugin. If you select the wrong plugin and do not know what is happening; then, there are chances that your website’s search engine rankings may suffer. Certainly, no one wants that their rankings should drop as it affects the reputation of online businesses.

  • Software Updates:

Of course, software updates will enable you to run your device or website in the most effective manner. As you tend to get frequent update alerts, there is a possibility that such things may create confusion. This will develop an issue with the design theme and your website will have all sorts of functional troubles. It is quite understood that an improperly functioning website will not get targeted web traffic too.

  • Login Problems:

Another reason that will make you think that why WordPress sucks, is the login problem. At times, you will come across a factor that the login page keeps redirecting and refreshing. Definitely, it can turn to be frustrating without a doubt. This may enable you to fix cookies or troubleshoot the problem, every time. Obviously, doing all these matters, again and again, is very troublesome for the companies or professionals, who cannot afford to face difficulties in handling their projects.

  • Customization Needs:

WordPress enables professionals to conduct an excellent amount of customization options. But, they are required to be channelized now and then. It has numerous themes like Reddit WordPress themes that allow creating various web pages. These themes are loaded with features that work for the betterment of your website. At times, you may find that your website looks similar to someone else because of the standard word document behind the themes. This calls for high-quality customization of themes without a doubt.

  • Slow Speed:

A common problem in WordPress leading to frustration is its functional speed. The low speed of WordPress happens because of excess plugins and generic codes. With more plugins and customized themes, your computer will take longer to process the information. This makes people understand that why WordPress sucks. No user will remain at a website that does not respond to their queries quickly.

What is WordPress Plugin?

Being known as the package of additional codes, a WordPress plugin enables you to add new features to the website and enhance its functional quality. Of course, these additional codes have to be uploaded to your website for better integrations.

  • The plugins menu allows the addition of the Plugins to the dashboard of WordPress.
  • Free plugins can be accessed by using the built-in search function.
  • Zip files packed with plugins can be uploaded through the menu uploader present in your WordPress dashboard.

Who All Uses WordPress?

WordPress is can use by professionals and business organizations. As the designing is easier on the WordPress platform, it comes with different faults that make people WordPress sucks. But, its ability to add new designs through themes and plugins can do wonders as well. With WordPress, you have a variety of options to create like a blog, e-commerce website, online magazine, and a lot more. Besides this, you can get access to brilliant WordPress communities that discuss associated problems and find solutions. 

Though, it has many benefits; still, some of the faults may leave you in splits and think that why WordPress sucks. With different reasons presented above, you must have got your answer. After all, WordPress is one of the easiest website designing platforms that does not require any hard skills. Whatever that looks easy might not be smoothly functioning.

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