Why You Should Consider Off-Site Airport Parking When Traveling

Although it may not be one of the first things that pop into your mind when you think about travelling, airport parking is a significant part of the entire air travel experience. In fact, with most major airports becoming so crowded these days, having to find a good spot for your car can often be as much of an ordeal as getting through security.

But there is an easy way to avoid the hassle of finding a good spot for your car at the airport. Instead, why not use off-site parking? There are many reasons to choose this kind of service, including:


Generally speaking, you won’t have to walk too far to get where you need to go. The convenience of off-site parking, especially when compared to on-site parking, cannot be overstated.

Depending on how large your group is and what kind of budget you have, you can then arrange an airport pick-up service to take you to the airport terminal, a taxi, or a shuttle bus.

If you choose a pick-up service, there are no worries about traffic either, which can often be an issue when arriving at the airport in time for your flight.


Off-site airport parking can often end up being cheaper than on-site parking at the airport itself. Parking at the airport can be pretty expensive. The savings you can make by using Park and Fly Toronto can be monumental.

With the savings you enjoy by employing this service, you may even find that you have enough cash in your pocket to go and explore a new destination once you have landed after your holiday.

In addition, if you are a business traveller, you will also be able to make substantial savings, up to 60%, depending on the service you choose.

Trouble-free travel

With an off-site parking service, there is less of a chance that you’ll get wrapped up in traffic or accidents on your way to the airport or will have to deal with finding a good spot at the curb for your car.

You will also have the chance to look for other travel deals such as cheap flights. Using off-site parking means that you can travel with peace of mind which is worth its weight in gold. It’s important to understand that choosing an excellent off-site parking service is often not as easy as it first seems.

Safety and Security

You want to be sure that your vehicle can remain safe and secure while it is in the care of a parking company. It’s essential to check if they have CCTV, regular car washing and vacuum services as well as good lighting on their premises.

By taking these precautions, you can ensure your car stays in great condition no matter how long it’s parked there. Most parking companies will offer regular car washing and vacuum services for a fee, but you can also find good quality facilities that provide these services free of charge.

Rewards and Parking Perks

Some off-site parking services reward their loyal customers with perks such as loyalty discounts. If you become a regular customer of an off-site airport parking service, they may offer you better deals on your future trips.

Although it may not seem like much, these types of savings can stack up over time depending on how often you fly.

Off-site airport parking is an outstanding alternative to on-site airport parking. It can be more convenient and cheaper than leaving your car at the airport itself.

When you’re travelling by plane, it’s often best to keep things as simple as possible, and off-site airport parking certainly achieves that aim.

By taking this approach, you won’t have to worry about getting a stress headache from the airport parking process. Parking is one less thing for you to think about when you’re already busy preparing for your holiday.


In a nutshell, choosing off-site airport parking is a smart move. It’s more convenient, saves you money, and makes your travel stress-free. With perks like loyalty discounts, it’s a simple way to make your journey smoother. So, next time you travel, consider the ease of off-site parking – one less thing to worry about on your adventure! Enjoy a hassle-free start to your trip.