Indy Scream Park- Best Haunted House in 2022

Welcome the horror in your home city. It’s scary, really very scary. In this blog, I will share with you a horror adventure place. I have always loved watching horror movies. This gives me a thrill. Now as I know a place that can give me chills feeling, I want to share this. Today I am going to talk about Indy Scream Park. So sit on your chairs properly. You may tremble in fear while reading this. 

What is Indy Scream Park?  

Indy Scream Park is famous as one of the most haunted houses in Indianapolis metro area. This park has been serving the metro area since 2010. It gives an unparalleled experience to its visitors. From the opening day, the park has become one of the most attractive places in the city. This park features different terrifying horror attractions and one ‘Bonzo’s beer garden’. The beer garden is only for adult visitors. 

If you love to watch horror movies then it will be a chilling experience for you to visit. Anything that you can imagine, you will find it here. This park has walking zombies, spooky wall-to-wall walking clowns, mutants, ghosts, and deadly killers.

At different attractions, you will have different tasks. You will have to face fears to complete the task. Although beer garden is one place where you can relax for a little bit. A box of chicken balls and two bottles of beer can easily make your evening enjoyable. 

Attractions in Indy Scream Park:

“Indy Scream Park is the best of the best as far haunted houses go, in my opinion.” Jon Pianki said. 

This park can have anything and everything that you can be afraid of. The haunted attractions go far more than your imagination. They have an attractive place for each thing you have seen or imagined. 

Nightmare Factory: Blackout The nightmare factory alone is enough to terrify you. It is all as its name suggests. A full blackout town. The theme includes a town. Here the local power plant has gone dark some years ago. Now there is nothing but darkness in that city. 

You need to roam around the city. In this attraction, you can’t see anything. All you can do is to hear and feel the dangers. So what is it crawling beside you? Is it just some tiny animals? Or there is something from your dreams? 

1. Kilgore’s 3-D circus: 

Ever been afraid of creepy clowns in the movies? Well, now you have a chance to have faced off with them. The park has brought a special attraction to Kilgore’s 3D circus. 

This attraction follows the story of a circus. The circus goes town to town and runs its show. But before the show, they roam around the streets and sell the tickets. During the show, they make their killing. Next Morning they leave carnage behind them. 

In this attraction, you will have to face off with wall-crawler clowns. They will jump on you on sudden. The circus room will start spinning to haunt you. 

2. Mutation: 

The mutation is by far the most horrific place to be in this park. The mutation story includes our present-day situation. After the emergence of the Covid virus, the Omni lab started experiments on plants and insects with human DNA. Their experiments go far and bring significant results. But before the official grand opening of the labs, many humans get infected. Now it has become a danger as they are out there in the huge lab to kill you. 

In this, you will be in a lab with interactive mutants. These mutants will come to you, touch you and catch you for real. Indy Scream Park age limit is only 18+ for this adventure. As this game is interactive, the mutant can take you with them in hidden cells for a long time. 

3. Backwoods: 

Backwoods is the oldest running Indy haunted house attraction of Indy Scream Park. Indeed this is one of the top attractions of all time. People love it for the realistic touch in the attraction. 

The story follows the Tate family at the corner of Bearstone national park. Due to the tales of local folks, no one goes even near to that family. The only people who visit them are unlucky travelers who experience car trouble. 

Your task is to come out from their land. The only way of doing this is to pass through the backwoods. You will have a faceoff with all the members of the Tate family. They would be in their cabinets or workshops. Better if you don’t find the father Tate. 

4. Zombie Paintball Assault: 

The most interesting horror attraction of all is the zombie paintball assault. The story of this theme will rush excitement in your veins. It was long ago when zombies were hunting us. Now we have learned to chop their head off and kill them. So now there are your targets in the place. You have a paintball rifle. Shoot them in the head and kill them. The intensive red zone is open for you to join the ‘Organized Recreational Zombie Hunting Parties’. 

Note: You have to get your guardian’s signature on a waiver. This game can be highly intensive and we don’t allow anyone without permission. 

Also, you must have to buy a special ticket for this other than Indy Scream Park tickets.

5. Monster Midway:

Monster Midway is somehow a cool place to be in. If you want a break in between your horror trips then you can come here. The place includes a long way with some tiny terror elements. Here you will face the walking terrifying monsters in the queue. You can also buy the food yourself in Bonzo’s Beer and wine. Here you will also find hot and cold drinks, gift shops, scream park merchandise, and fire pits to set the mood up. The Monster Midway also includes the beer garden of Indy Scream Park. Here you can take a rest and enjoy your food.

My thoughts:

Indy Scream Park is indeed the most haunted I have ever seen. If you are also a horror fan then it is a must visiting place for you. This park has too many surprises for you. So make your heart strong and come to witness the real horror adventure. Visit

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