10 Must-Haves For A Luxury Camping Trip


Luxury camping is on the rise. Also known as glamping, this is where you go camping but you bring certain things to make the experience more comfortable. The mainstream appeal is obvious, campers get to experience the outdoors without the discomforts that used to come from camping. Not everybody wants to get the rugged survivalist experience, after all.

If you’re here, you’re probably one of those people. Here you’ll find ten of the must-have items that will turn a typical camping trip into a luxurious outdoor experience. We’ll be talking a lot about the equipment, sometimes using specialized language, so you should know the difference between a two-way vs three-way fridge before you set off on your trip.

1. A Spacious Tent

If a typical camping experience is huddling into a small tent, a luxury camping experience is lounging in a tent that can fit you and then some. Glamping typically makes use of larger tents, often styled after yurts or dome-shaped setups, so you also have a lot of room overhead. This avoids any claustrophobic feelings and affords you the space to add a lot of the other must-have gear you’ll want to bring.

2. A Comfy Cot

You don’t want to sleep in a bag on the floor when you’re trying to camp luxuriously. Many opt for a cot or the combination of an air mattress on top of a small, collapsible stand. Besides being more comfortable than a sleeping bag, you will also be suspended from the ground while feeling like you’re sleeping on air.

3. A Table Set

Next, you should bring plates, bowls, cups, and any cutlery that you need. If you want the most aesthetic table set, they should be from the same set so that they’re made from the same colors and materials. You can get sets that look great and are durable while still being inexpensive if that’s what you need. Otherwise, you could spend some cash on a ceramic set as long as you store and transport it carefully.

4. A-Camp Oven

A basic camp stove is a must for eating out on the trail. When you are camping in luxury, you should grab a sophisticated one that’s worthy of the occasion. It should be easy to use, easy to transport, but also able to cook whatever you want with it. Bonus points if it has shelving for storage while it’s set up.

5. A Multi-Purpose Skillet

This is on the list for any standard camping setup, so it’ll obviously be here too. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel; you can do next to anything with a pan that’s deep and wide enough to prepare both food and drink in.

6. A Cooler/Camping Fridge

You’ll need to keep certain things cool if you’re eating well on the trail. You can bring drinks and keep them cool in there, sure, but you can also bring certain ingredients and keep them fresh, like vegetables. Then you can work with fresh ingredients on the trail instead of subsisting on nuts and dried berries.

7. A Shower System

Shower systems can get you a hot shower while out on the trail, something many campers skip out on. Most of them are a box and a connected showerhead that allows you to clean yourself. Others can also connect to the side of a tall vehicle like an RV if you’d prefer. Needless to say, you should bring towels to dry yourself off with.

8. A Privacy Tent

If you’re on a luxury camping trip with others, you probably don’t have somewhere to have privacy while you use that portable shower system. Fortunately, you can get small privacy tents that cover you and allow guests to shower in peace.

9. A Camping Toilet

When you’re in the middle of nowhere, luxury is having a toilet on standby. You can get portable toilets that take luxury camping to a whole other level. Many of them can fit inside a privacy tent alongside shower systems too, so you can create a bathroom.

10. A Power Bank

While any tech you take with you on your luxury camping journey is optional, you need to have a power bank if you are bringing any electronics. A charged power bank, maybe even several, will keep your electric appliances working throughout your camping trip. It could be your smartphone, a fan in hot weather, or LED lighting strung about your camp, all of them wouldn’t be possible without a power bank.

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