4 Ideas for Renovating Your Garage

Garage renovations are somewhat more common than you might think, and they can definitely pay off both in terms of your daily life as well as the value that you get when purchasing your property. Whatever your plans may be, 1 way to obtain the additional space you want without going to a different home is by turning out a non-traditional living space into a more usable space. Indianapolis houses for sale with renovated garages yield over an 80% return on investment. Below are four ideas for renovating our garage.

1. Turn it into a workshop

Obviously, the first thing to do is to clean out your garage. Getting things off the floor and out of the way will prevent you from tripping and makes it easier for you to see and access your tools and equipment. Design your workbench – the priority investment for all garage-space workshops are the right tools. Use rubber mats for floors, so the flooring isn’t slippery. You may need to add windows to keep air circulating as well. Paint and set up as desired. 

2. Turn it into a bedroom

If your garage has a concrete slab floor that will easily accommodate carpet or wood flooring. Your garage will most likely need insulation – try spray-in insulation as a cost-effective option. Drywall the walls and paint when finished. Finish by adding your bedroom furniture and if your garage has windows, find window coverings and blinds. 

3. Turn it into an office

Create a layout for your new home office. If you want your office to be airy and open, you need to insulate your garage properly and ensure adequate ventilation and windows. You can freshen up your space by cleaning everything thoroughly and applying a fresh coat of paint. Add plenty of light fixtures, a desk, chairs, and furniture, and enjoy your new office space. 

4. Turn into a media room

Most important – check with an electrician to ensure that the wiring is sufficient to support your theater room and electrical requirements, such as a big-screen TV, speakers, stereo and gaming systems, light fixtures, and heating and cooling appliances. You may need to upgrade if necessary.


Converting your garage can be a quick and inexpensive project. No matter what you are renovating your garage for, you will need to add insulation, windows, possibly doors, a heating system, and electrical work. The good news – renovating a garage is fast and much less expensive than building an addition to your home. 

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