5 Tips to Improve Your Driving

Car accidents happen every day for various reasons. By practicing safe driving habits an individual can reduce their chances of being involved in an accident. However, no amount of precautions can guarantee protection from negligence.

If you find yourself hurt, unable to work, and suffering due to another driver’s mistake you could be entitled to full compensation. Contact dedicated car accident lawyers to ensure you’re not taken advantage of during a time of need. You might have years of experience driving a motor vehicle but you never know when you may be the victim of vehicular negligence.

Below are some tips on how to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

Always Stay Alert While Driving

Keep alert and continuously monitor other drivers and road signs while commuting. No one can expect the unexpected, but if you remain focused you may be able to see an accident about to unfold. It’s possible you could evade your involvement altogether. Assume the driver next to you will do something crazy, and always be prepared to avoid it. If you feel sleepy, find other means of transportation.

You should also avoid all sorts of distractions while driving. The most common form of distraction is the use of cell phones. It’s impossible to concentrate on the road while looking down at your phone.

If you have to answer a call or reply to a text, pull over. Resume driving when you are done.

Avoid Making Assumptions

A common mistake drivers make is assuming other drivers see them. Do not assume the other cars are going to do the right thing. You should extend this precaution to other road users such as cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists. 

Do Not Drive Under the Influence

Drugs impair our judgment, and it is not appropriate to drive after drinking alcohol or using drugs. In the U.S., it is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content over 0.08; however, some states may also enact different additional statutes. Alcohol reduces reaction time and affects judgment.

If you’re involved in an accident and the police discover you have a high blood alcohol content, you can expect to be arrested for driving while intoxicated. If you know you will be drinking later in the day, arrange for a designated driver to accompany you or use other means of transport such as taxis. 

Always Wear Your Safety Belt

If you get involved in an accident, the safety belt increases your chances of survival by keeping you in the vehicle. Weather you are not wearing a safety belt, your body becomes a projectile once the car comes to a sudden stop.

If you hit the steering wheel or the dashboard at high speeds the result will be devastating injuries. Wearing a safety belt could be the difference between life and death.

Obey All Traffic Rules and Road Signs

Do not be tempted to go over the speed limit. Always stop at the red light and always slow down appropriately when approaching an intersection. Use lanes correctly and make use of your turn signals to communicate your intentions to surrounding drivers.

Reach Out to a Car Accident Attorney

It is important to have a highly rated car accident attorney by your side when seeking compensation after an accident. Your attorney will work to win you the damages you need to make a full recovery. In the meantime, try practicing safe driving and follow the rules of the road.