7 Badass Places to Visit in Sunshine State Florida

Have you ever noticed that when we mention Florida, people immediately think of wild people, crazy weather, and of course – spectacular beaches? Honestly, there is a lot more to Florida than this. Once a Spanish colony located on the Atlantic Ocean borders is now home to millions of American and non-American residents. 

From the famous Miami Beach to your Figge Art Museum, there is a lot that Florida has to offer its residents. You may find the summers hot with unwanted rain showers but, these months are perfect for tourists. There are plenty of things to experience. If we are honest, Florida is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse places to be at. If you are planning your trip to Florida, we will help you discover some of the best places to be at find out more from eikosbeachhouse. So, clear your schedule, take your fair share of time and head out to Florida because you are going to have one heck of a time visiting these remarkable places: 

Walt Disney World 

We are never too old to get in touch with our inner child. This is why Walt Disney World exists. Florida is the only state in the world that holds the title for having this great themed-separate part of the planet. There is a lot to explore and see from the Epcot Center’s Spaceship to Shamu’s aerobatics. A trip to Disney World Orlando is challenging to cover in one day. Therefore, you will need to devote time. Fortunately, they do have plans to visit the place and experience everything.

Whether you want to take a family trip, a honeymoon, or if this is your retirement trip with the love of your life – Disney World Resort has something for everyone. The world-renowned resort proves that age is just a number. Whether you are 8 or 80, if you want to relive a fairy tale – this is your spot. 

Panama City Beach 

Located at the Emerald Coast, Panama City Beach is 27 miles of white sand beaches. Since Florida is known for its beaches, you must visit this one. It stays at the top of our list. Honestly, it’s pretty popular among Floridians. You will mostly find high-school students and youngsters celebrating their freedom from hectic study school. However, if you want to spend time after retirement, do not hesitate to get your feet wet. 

The water is ravishingly emerald green, and you will find plenty of activities like fishing, water sports, and marine-themed parks. Apart from that, the population of Panama is only 12,000. Don’t worry about traffic jams and overcrowding because this city overall has plenty of activities for everyone. If you have time, explore the entire city instead of just a day out at the beach. 

True Blue Winery 

Do you have a thing for wine? You are significantly concerned about getting the right buzz? If you are, True Blue Winery is the right place for you. A small-town charm with a friendly atmosphere and delectable wine collection, this is just the best place to spend a day. So much so, that you may start looking for homes for sale in Davenport, Fl. 

They offer a superb range of award-winning wines. Everything is created on the premise, so you don’t have to worry about industrial processing and additives. Purchase a bottle or grab an entire crate. It’s completely up to you. Visit the green yards and sit around while tasting the delicious wine collection. Take some wine and pictures home for memories. 

Sanibel Island 

Sanibel Island is known for a casually trendy island with a chic vibe. It encompasses the Periwinkle Way galleries, restaurants, and stores. You will find plenty of seashells that cover every sandy surface. This has become a source of popularity and recognition among residents. Ask any Floridian about the seashell island, and they will tell you exactly what path leads to Sanibel Island. You will come across a lot of beachcombers performing the famous Sanibel Stoop.

This practice is also popularly known as shelling. Go there and spend an entire afternoon with people who love islands as much as you do. A casual evening with Floridian casuals, you may have a fantastic time. 

St. Augustine 

This is not just a tourist spot. St. Augustine is a small town in northern Florida that takes you back to the 16th century. It was founded in 1565 by the Spaniards. Basically, it is one of the earliest places in the US where the Europeans settled. Now we know why Florida has that Spanish touch to it. It is also known as the Ancient City of Florida.

Walk around the streets of St. George and enjoy your day at the Wild Reserve or Lightener Museum. St. Augustine’s residents believe that the spirits of Spaniards who once inhabited this town still haunt around the town – especially the top attractions. If you have a thing for paranormal activities, take the pre-organized Nighttime Ghost Tours – don’t run away if you find something scary!

Fort Lauderdale

Instead of being recognized as the perfect spot for spring breaks, Fort Lauderdale is now known as a trendy hub, positively exploiting Florida’s culture. The center is experiencing an exceedingly upscale social scene. The canal system is insane, which is why most people refer to it as America’s personal Vienna. You can easily find it 23 miles from Miami Beach. 

There are several high-end hotels, lush golf courses, beach activities, marinas, and even museums that celebrate the heritage of this diverse American state. You will also witness gigantic ships sailing on a regular basis to parts of the world like the Caribbean and Mexico, making the Everglade port of the city one of the busiest in the world – quite a sight for boat enthusiasts and voyage lovers. 


Young ones or adults, we all have had our fondness for LEGO at least once in our life. From building blocks to movies and various shows, LEGOLAND is heaven for those who want to have a nice time with the family. It brings the bricked world of LEGO to life in a way that most of you won’t even imagine with fun things for everyone. You will experience everything made of LEGO bricks making this 150-acre gigantic park like a part of some animated movie.

Now, since you go there for fun, there is a lot more than just attractions and walking. People have shown their immense love for shops as well as the dining facilities. Rides accommodate everyone from children above 12 to adults. Since the interactive theme park was built on the Cypress Gardens, they still honor the former park’s memory by dedicating a large chunk of land.  Have a picnic with your family, or just look for homes for sale in Charles Cove Fl if you want to experience LEGO every weekend. 


Florida is one of the busiest and most diverse American states. You will be able to experience everything from calm parks to beaches and noisy theme parks in this state of the wild. Although the weather is quite inconsistent, it does get really hot during the summer. If you want to experience a nice break without heat – now is the time to hit the airports and land in Florida.