Ben Kelly Lanbury Group commits to provide a budget dream home in London.

London is one of the most developed cities in the world. High-Income group citizens make up the majority of residents in London. Finding a home for middle-income groups in the city is next to impossible. Several real estate agents and developers offer homes at attractive prices but the reality on the ground differs. To help solve the needs of Budget Dream homes in London, Ben Kelly and Ben Gannon from the Lanbury group are offering well-crafted, bespoke, and highly desirable homes at affordable prices. Ben Kelly Lanbury Group’s Managing Director and Ben Gannon Lanbury Group’s Director are the two brains behind professional property Development companies operating throughout London.

Some of the different ways in which these experts can help invest customers in the right type of residential and commercial property lists below:

Potential Site/property Assessment:  The top brasses Ben Kelly and Ben Gannon Lanbury Group are well-experienced and expert in assessing the potential investment opportunity of an underdeveloped or developing site. They have helped many individuals and businesses all across London to invest in properties that have turned into flourished and advanced settlements over course of time.

State-of-Art Development: The Lanbury Group takes a multi-dimensional approach while developing a property. Their designs are making the future of the community, environment, and other standards in mind. The company is familiar with all advanced techniques and high-quality designs to make sustainable future-proof developments. Ben Kelly Lanbury Group’s Managing Director ensures a team of professionals assigned to every project to deliver high-quality homes.

Ben Kelly Lanbury’s top London investment tips: 

  • Walworth (southeast London)

Walworth has witnessed several major private as well as public investment opportunities lately. This further will surely change the whole picture of the location in the coming 10 years. The redevelopment opportunities have benefitted and further will be beneficial for several shop owners and commuters. This further will lead to a prosperous area shortly.  

  • Newham

Over the last 15 years, several advancements and property development have been witnessed here. Also, several redevelopment projects are ongoing here the area is also chosen to develop the housing stock, and also new town projects are upcoming in the area. The reputed Ben Kelly Lanbury and Ben Gannon Lanbury already have a significant property in this area.

  • Brent (north-west London)

The area is famous for Wembley stadium. Additionally, it is situated on the outskirts of the city. Still, remarkable developmental projects could witness here. Both, the housing stock and other property developments. Thus, making the area the biggest regenerating area in the UK so far. So, along the way, property investment opportunities are coming forward. For the same, several property developers, including Ben Kelly Lanbury and Ben Gannon Lanbury already have interests in this area.

  • Forest Hill (southeast London close to Dulwich)

The area has a lot of value for money but lesser major regeneration plans, when compared to the other surrounding areas. Furthermore, the area has the exclusive benefit of a central hub for several amenities and better train links connecting Central London. This is the reason for affordable plots in this area. Additionally, one could even have a hand on the affordable already constructed properties as well. 

  • Barking and Dagenham

The cheapest place to buy a plot or already dwelling properties in Greater London is Barking and Dagenham. The area has planned out for newer regeneration projects, providing stocked-up housing and job opportunities in the area for the upcoming two decades. There is an add-on cross-river plan, so, in the upcoming times. This area will be the best self-efficient area of London.  

Summing up

The expert property developers are helping clients with every minute detail and guidance to successfully invest in any of these locations. Thus, select the right Ben Kelly Lanbury Group to enjoy your dream housing turning into reality in London.

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