Best walks around copenhagen

When you think of the country of Denmark, what comes to mind? Do you think of a nation that is located in the northern part of Europe? you do shiver with delight at the thought of frolicking in its pure, virgin snow? Do you think of where the famous author Hans Christian Andersen grew up? Or do you think of the place where Lego blocks were invented? Do the wonderful, sweet, and loving people come to mind? Denmark has many locales for an adventurer to explore, and yet its capital city of Copenhagen may be the most fascinating of all. Copenhagen is home to many rich venues. 

During your visit, if you are interested in staying at a hostel by the water, stay at the Copenhagen Islands. If you crave a dose of experiencing building constructs of the past and present, go to Trommesalen. Lush vegetation and cultured parks await you at the King’s Garden. Tivoli Gardens welcomes you with exotic plants and amusement park flair. Thorvaldsens Museum will tickle the fancy of any art lover. Enjoy the nightlife party scenes at various restaurants and clubs in Copenhagen. 

Copenhagen Island Hotel

Located on Copenhagen Harbor, the Copenhagen Island Hotel has a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The rooms capture a clean, bright, and modern motif. Despite its tranquility, the hotel is surrounded by other shops that a visitor can frequent. For example, if you require a movie and some grub, CinemaxX and McDonald’s are down the street!


The Inner City of Trommesalen is a unique fusion of Copenhagen’s older buildings with modern models. Fans of architecture will be enveloped in the history of each shop and street. One of the most famous attractions is the Royal Danish Theatre. In the theaters, people can enjoy musical performances from operas, dances, and plays. The region is also the host of ancient castles and fairs throughout the year.

King’s Garden and Tivoli Garden 

King’s Garden has beautiful plants throughout the grounds. The grounds are well-planned, geometric spaces of flowers, bushes, and trees. The pathways lead up to the stately Rosenborg Castle.

Tivoli Gardens is a real treat for the adventurer; especially at night. You can enjoy various amusement park rides such as roller-coasters and boating. It has large structures such as an Asian pagoda and a mini Taj Mahal to explore.

Thorvaldsens Museum

Thorvaldsens Museum is unique in that the visitor can experience the museum in many ways. It houses artwork such as sculptures and paintings but it features subjects that stimulate the visual, auditory, and tactile senses of those who visit.


After walking around various places in Copenhagen, you may still want to go out and get your boogie on! Rosie’s Nightclub will help you dance the blues away. Or you may want to eat your dinner at a diner. Luckily, Copenhagen has you covered. Explore Vesterbro to experience food and drink at Falernum, Spuntino, and Mikkeller Bar.


How does a tourist determine what transportation needs to be acquired to see these wonderful sights? One way to travel is by taking advantage of the tour system. Copenhagen has walking, boat, biking, and bus tours available for the consumer. 


Copenhagen allows you to participate in a variety of experiences. The goals of the city are to accommodate each visitor with memories of rest, relaxation, and fun. But wouldn’t it be awful if you went shopping and you had to go all the back to your hotel room to unload your goodies? Your amount of time out and about Copenhagen would be limited. Also, carrying those bags may make a person too tired to venture outside the room.

You don’t have to worry about dragging your goodies from place to place. The municipality of Copenhagen has addressed this very issue. Throughout the city, there are places where you can find luggage storage in Copenhagen. These facilities will actually hold your parcels and bookbags while you go and play in the city. 

Copenhagen is a cornucopia of culture, history, arts, and culinary delights for the happy tourist to experience. The next time you desire to go on vacation, give Copenhagen a try.