Send Money to Pakistan Online via ACE to HBL and Win One of Ten Return Tickets to Pakistan

Do you miss going to Pakistan but can’t find the opportunity to do so? Well, the wait is over because ACE Money Transfer and Habib Bank Limited have collaborated to give you the most exciting offer of all time. The alluring offer is not just for one but a total of TEN lucky winners. Learn how you can avail of this exciting prize simply when you send money to Pakistan online from your destination country.

TEN Return Tickets to Pakistan

Pakistanis expatriates from all around the world send money to their families back home via ACE Money Transfer. Even though sending money online to Pakistan makes them feel connected with their loved ones in a way, the urge to meet them in Pakistan is still persistent since a majority of them can’t manage to pay for the air tickets. What if ACE Money Transfer fills that urge by giving you free-of-cost return air tickets to Pakistan with just your online money transfer to Pakistan via 1600+ HBL’s branches? Yes! You got the right idea.

ACE has collaborated with HBL to bring you the most exciting offer of all time. That void you wanted to fill by meeting your family in Pakistan is achievable as ACE and HBL offer free TEN return tickets for the lucky winners to visit Pakistan. 

Send your money via ACE to any HBL branch in Pakistan and transact your way into the lucky draw. The lucky draw is not only for one customer but TEN previous winners of ACE and HBL. You can increase your chances to win any of the ten tickets by making more and more transactions before the promotion ends. Keep reading to find out more about the offer.

Reliable, Trustworthy, and Competent Remittance Services

Remitters from all around the world are cautious about reliability issues and the trustworthiness of remittance service providers. With ACE Money Transfer, you can be assured that your money will safely reach your family back at home. Providing the lowest rates for remittance service charges, ACE still does not compromise on the quality and assurance of its customer’s demands.

ACE has been in the remittance industry since 2002, recognized by top countries of the world involving the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, Canada, Poland, and many other European countries.

Exclusive Offer by ACE and HBL

ACE and HBL’s collaborative offer brings you a fantastic chance of winning a free return ticket to Pakistan from anywhere in the countries listed above. This offer would not just have one winner, but a total of TEN lucky winners would be selected fairly through the lucky draws to be conducted every week. You can view the lucky draw schedules here. Think of it as a present for being a part of the ACE family.

TEN Lucky Winners 

Don’t you usually dislike the idea of only one winner in a lucky draw? If there were more winners to be selected, you’d have that chance, right? ACE and HBL have listened to your prayers! Because this season, ACE and HBL have decided upon choosing a total of TEN LUCKY WINNERS. Not just one but TEN individual winners throughout the promotion with a lucky draw to be conducted every week.

Your chances of winning are more than ever now! With just a few simple steps, you can win free return tickets to Pakistan.

Rules and Regulations

The double ‘T’ steps for this offer are as simple as your everyday chores. All you need to do is TRANSFER – TRANSACT. Transfer or send your money online to Pakistan and Transact through any HBL branch in Pakistan to win this amazing offer. Not only will the transaction help you support the needs of your family and loved ones back in the home country, but you will also get a chance to win in the lucky draw simply receiving money in any of the 1650 plus branches of HBL through ACE. And that is how the double ‘T’ magic works! 

You can review the complete terms and conditions for this promotion here. Some highlights from these Ts&Cs are given below here:

  • The offer is valid from 1st February 2022 till 15th March 2022. No entries will be accepted after or before this period of time.
  • Employees of ACE and HBL are exempted from this exclusive offer.
  • The airline’s schedule will be selected after 30 days of winning the draw. At the same time, airlines will be chosen regarding availability and at ACE and HBL’s discretion.
  • Prize ticket will be economy plus/economy premium plus.

Offer Valid for Old and New Customers

If you wonder about the offer being solely for old customers, worry not. It’s not too late to register to ACE Money Transfer and participate in this fantastic offer. Click Here and create your account. Send money to Pakistan in any HBL branch through the website or mobile application (present for both android and IOS), transact your remittances, and get a chance to become a part of this mesmerizing offer.

The lucky draw exclusively involves customers of ACE and HBL. It symbolizes the harmonic collaboration of two of the most trustworthy remittance service providers that are not only giving exciting gifts but providing the lowest rates for remittance services.

Don’t just wait, but win FREE RETURN TICKETS to Pakistan now!

Don’t keep waiting for a miracle to happen; grab your free return tickets to Pakistan and meet your loved ones now! Click here for more detailed information on the terms and conditions for this exclusive offer.

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Rajhu S Goraai
Rajhu S Goraai
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