4 localized marketing tips for your car repair business

If you have your mechanic or auto repair business, you know that customers will not just come in on their own. Instead, you must constantly strive to attract new customers and keep existing ones returning for more. It will require you to implement the best car repair business marketing strategies. 

Luckily for you, formulating an effective marketing plan for your auto repair business is not an impossible or difficult task. All you need are a couple of targeted and intentional marketing approaches, and you will be able to bolster the visibility of your business. Curious to find out more? Then let’s dive in. 

1. Form online connections with local shoppers

The internet is quite a helpful tool for connecting with people across the globe. But it can also prove useful when you decide to use it to communicate with people in your neighborhood. 

You can easily connect with the residents in your area by optimizing your website for SEO. Thus, your business will surely pop up whenever they search for a car repair business near them. 

In addition, you can use Google and Facebook ads for targeted ads and create profile pages on Yelp and Google Business. If you want to stand out from the crowd and make people choose your auto business, you can whip up an attractive car wash flyer or several auto repair advertising flyers for maximum traction. 

Pick one of the numerous templates available on PosterMyWall, and you will be good to go. So, are you ready to open your doors to bustling customers? 

2. Use emails to send customized service reminders

If you provide personalized shopping experiences to your customers, you can easily set your business apart from all the others in the area. First, you must collect data from your potential and existing customers to create profiles. It will help you determine when they are due for an auto repair service.

Consequently, you can send a personalized reminder or offer deals via email to entice customers. These can include the following:

  • Free service if they purchase another service. For example, a free tune-up with a tire rotation.
  • Discounts for multiple services purchased.
  • Seasonal specials, such as 10% on A/C checks in the hotter months of the year. 

3. Curate a follow-up program

A great way to retain your existing customers is to follow up with them once they have visited your business on location and availed of your services. Try to work out a program that requires you to call your customers after a specific period. 

This auto repair marketing strategy will allow you to receive feedback from your clients about your performance and create a more personal connection with them. Moreover, you can use this to improve your services or add to them. 

4. Request referrals from your existing customers

Remember, there is nothing shameful about wanting to grow your business and actively making efforts. You are free to use your existing network to tap into new ones. 

Let your customers know that you would appreciate it if they could give you a referral. It can help garner business from additional local clients since word of mouth is quite effective in such cases.

Remember that you need a card for your auto repair business to give to your existing clients. Also, ensure you have all their contact information to send emails when you start new campaigns. 

However, the process of referrals does not stop there. Once you get additional customers referred by your existing ones, be sure to send out a token of gratitude to the client who made the referral in the first place. For this, feel free to provide a gift card, as it will give customers an added incentive to keep the referrals going. 

As you keep delighting and surprising the clients loyal to your car repair business, they will surely return the favor. 

Next steps

The strategies above are a surefire way to reach out to locals in your area and ensure they bring their business to you. These marketing tactics are practical and easy to use, thus allowing you to reel in maximum revenue. 

Creating new ideas for your car repair business is the first step toward creating a detailed marketing plan. You have amazing marketing strategies that can take you a long way. So, are you ready to get started?