Finding the Perfect Luggage Bag?

Missing the days when going on a trip didn’t require submitting and waiting for leave application approval? Back then, it was about the perfect luggage bag, booking tickets and rooms, and setting off. There is much to recall, from touring, relaxing on the beach, or gaining peace in the mountains. And although things went to a standstill due to the worldwide pandemic, the restrictions are over today in most places.

While you prepare for your next destination and send leave applications, there’s probably something else you might miss out on. A Luggage bag? Yes! What’s a journey without a suitcase? 

If you are heading out of town and want to upgrade your five-year-old travelling bag, this article will help you consider important things.

1. The Journey Size

What’s important is knowing how most of your journeys are. Are you someone who takes the weekend off for nearby trips to the outskirts? Or do you travel mainly for a week or more than that? 

The reason for knowing this is to ensure beforehand that the luggage you buy doesn’t seem too big or small. Stuffing extra clothes in a small bag is okay to some extent. However, one needs to do that smartly to avoid packing the bag again after unpacking.

As simple as it sounds – the longer the trip, the bigger the bag needs to be. 

2. Handling

Technically, even some of the most minute things matter a lot when it comes to luggage. For example, handling is one of them. The priority might be subjective but having a telescopic handle is definitely on the list. 

Suitcases with telescopic handles, often called trolley bags, make it easier for users to walk longer distances with baggage. Whether you need to walk from point A to B in a station, change hotels or move to the airport, having a telescopic handle makes things much more comfortable and convenient.

3. Durability

There lies a perception that hard-sided bags are the more durable option. This could have been the mainstream thought 10-15 years ago, but today, there are more robust new materials like ballistic nylon fabric. So, it doesn’t matter whether the bag is hard or soft-sided. 

However, what matters is how durable the product is. It is an important parameter to take care of when buying luggage. The product must go through regular wear and tear and still be in one piece. Therefore, when choosing bags, prefer durable ones.

However, a durable bag isn’t always about the material of the surface. It can be the zippers, the inner linings, the robustness of the handles, and so on.

4. Versatility

Looking for maximum versatility is as essential as the other factors. One needs to face the truth that travel bags are not cheap products. Therefore, the product you buy must be versatile enough to handle your journeys. 

To ensure the bags last long, consider buying more than one bag. That will ensure you have the right storage option for long and short trips.

Wrapping Up

So, what’s the Perfect Luggage bag for travelling? Well, there is no absolute answer to this as it all depends on your purpose for buying it. Avoid buying any extra large and bulky ones or extra small ones. If you are going to buy only one, consider going for an average size.

FAQs for Choosing the Perfect Luggage Bag:

Q1: How do I determine the right size for my luggage bag?

A: Consider your typical trip duration and frequency. Choose a size that strikes a balance between accommodating your essentials and avoiding excess bulk.

Q2: Why is handling important when selecting a Perfect luggage bag?

A: Prioritize bags with telescopic handles (trolley bags) for easy navigation through various terrains, ensuring a comfortable travel experience.

Q3: Are hard-sided bags still more durable, or are there better alternatives?

A: Focus on overall durability, including features like sturdy zippers and robust handles. Material matters less than the bag’s ability to withstand regular wear and tear.

Q4: Why is versatility crucial in choosing a luggage bag?

A: Maximize versatility by considering bags for different trip lengths. This ensures you’re well-equipped for both short and extended journeys without compromising convenience.