How many days in Amsterdam?

Are you planning to take a vacation and travel to Amsterdam? But, pondering over how many days in Amsterdam? Well, you are in the right place. Amsterdam is the greatest and smallest city and capital of the Netherlands. It has so much to offer to its visitors. It is quite impossible to cover all its tourist attractions and famous place in a single visit. But, nothing to worry about, you can always plan a subsequent journey. The mesmerizing beauty of this city in Europe will leave you wanting more and more to travel here. 

Without wasting any time, let us begin with the Amsterdam itinerary of 4 days. This is the following how many days in Amsterdam? 

How many days in Amsterdam?

Canals, coffee shops, mesmerizing houses, museums, and cultural practices, are something that allure you towards themselves. To answer, how many days in Amsterdam? Well, it completely depends on two factors. Firstly, your approx. budget for the entire tour. And secondly, the number of days you can spare for the same tour. 

Anyway, three days in Amsterdam or 4 days in Amsterdam is quite a good time to travel to Amsterdam. You can always look out for the Amsterdam itinerary 3 days, in case you travel for 3 days. That will guide you about what to do in Amsterdam in 3 days. Thus, a little bit of research before directly landing you on the touring spot has several benefits. It doesn’t only save you a lot of time, but also, you are well-prepared and guided to explore the city confidently and conveniently. 

So, without wasting any time, let us begin with the itinerary.

What to do in Amsterdam in 4 days 

  • Day 1 

Once you safely land in the city, check in to your respective hotel. You need to contain your excitement as visiting Amsterdam for the first time is fascinating in itself. 

You should begin by exploring museums. As this is the best activity for the day time. 

  • Firstly, the Anne Frank House is perhaps the most striking exhibition hall in Amsterdam. The spot was a house and jail of a Jewish young lady and her family. The exhibition hall commits to the wartime diarist Anne Frank. It protects the family’s masking spot. Additionally, offers a permanent show on the existence of the diarist. 
  • Secondly, the Rijksmuseum welcomes all guests inspired by Dutch craftsmanship. Even history from the Middle Ages to the current day. Moreover, the primary element of the historical center is “The Night Watch” by Rembrandt. 
  • Finally, another previous house-presently exhibition hall, the Rembrandt House Museum. It mainly commits to the particular painter. The craftsman lived and worked here somewhere between the range of 1639 and 1656.
  • Day 2 

For the second day, don’t make any massive plans. You need to visit a few places in the daytime. 

  • Firstly, Zaanse Schans is the spot you should visit. It is a little area close to the town of Zaandam, close to Amsterdam. Furthermore, it is a lovely spot. Again, loaded up with memorable windmills and delightful greenwood houses. 
  • Later to return to the city, you can think about going to Heineken Experience. Furthermore, Heineken is outstanding amongst other larger distilleries on the planet. It likewise offers a visit to its old brewery. Alongside a tasting meeting toward its finish. Thus, this is something you can appreciate while in the city. 
  • When you have time, you can consider visiting the Tulip gardens. 

For your perfect night in Amsterdam, Netherlands is home to a great deal of world-celebrated DJs. For example, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, and the sky are the limit from there. Indeed, even David Guetta is a following guest here. Commonly they team up with regard to such music shows.

  • Day 3 

Begin your third day by seeing the well-known canals of Amsterdam. You can witness the appearance of tight houses adjusted along the waterways. Moreover, with the doll faces little extensions looked so photogenic. This is a must-visit when you are in Amsterdam. No matter, how many days in Amsterdam you are touring. But, you will end up touring back more. 

What’s more, for the following not many hours you need to do only two things: 

  • Exploring the roads, you will come to know that it was Amsterdam’s celebrated Jordan area. 
  • And taking pictures is essential here. 

Groups were gathering in Dam Square. Furthermore, De Wallen, the renowned Amsterdam red region, kept on pulling in more guests at the end of the day.

  • Day 4 

You will not even believe that while pondering over how many days in Amsterdam, your trip here is about to end. But, to end it well visit these places.

  • Firstly, the Amsterdam-Noord region is very well-known among a wide range of travelers from around the planet. There are numerous attractions that one will encounter just here. 
  • Secondly, one of the principal puts that you should visit is NDSM Werf. Also, attempt to go to the Amsterdam post. And sit on the crazy over-the-edge swing present on the highest point of 20-story tall buildings.
  • Next, for the second 50% of the day, when you are an enthusiast of astounding nightfalls. You need to jump on a mode of transport and head to the fishing town of Marken. It is a nearly lesser-known town than Volendam, yet nearby. 
  • Finally, when you are feeling more curious, head to Marker Landtong. Find it on Google guides. You will track down a limited stretch of land with the sea on the two banks. The dusk from this climb looks mesmerizing.


No matter how many days in Amsterdam you plan your tour. But, in the end, you keep longing to stay there a little more. Also, one thing is for sure no written descriptions or even pictures could do justice to the mesmerizing and beautiful city of Europe.

You need to visit this place to explore the various attractions it has to offer. Although, a little exploration before directly landing on the touring place is always recommended. So, what are you waiting for? How many days in Amsterdam? Go plan, explore, and make memories.