How to Create the Best Outdoor RV Setup

If you belong to one of the more than 11 million RV-owning homes in the US, odds are good that you’re pretty happy right now. With pandemic restrictions lifting and summer on the door, it’s RV season.

Maybe you’re planning a trip for the family that will finally let you escape the confines of your home. Maybe you just want to see something other than the view from your porch. If you are planning a trip, though, you’ll want a solid outdoor RV set up to make the trip more enjoyable.

Not sure what you need for that setup? Keep reading for some of the essentials.

What if I Don’t Own an RV?

If you don’t own an RV, but still want some of the amenities of home while on a camping trip, you can split the difference with a camper trailer. If you do buy a camper trailer, though, be aware you’ll need a sturdy pickup truck to get it to the campsite.

You can often find a camper trailer for sale in your own community. Just give it a thorough once over before you plunk down any cash. You can also shop for new ones, like these.

Outdoor Rug

The ground is nice, but an outdoor rug can improve your experience. It serves as a barrier between you and any ground moisture. It can also help keep ground insects at bay.

Folding Chairs

While sitting on log stumps or the ground is fine for a night or two, it’ll get old very fast if you’re planning a camping adventure that will last a few weeks. That means you’ll want a few folding chairs on hand as part of your camping gear.

They’ll let you sit more comfortably and can serve as a makeshift temporary table in a pinch.

Screen Room

RVs don’t offer a lot in the way of privacy, especially if you prefer to sit outside in the evening and test your mettle against the mosquitos. Fortunately, you can add a bit of privacy with a screen room. What’s a screen room, you ask?

It’s a temporary attachment for your RV awning that creates an enclosed space. If you choose with care, you can find one that includes coverings for the screens to give yourself a little more privacy.

Propane Fire Pit

You can’t call it camping without a bit of fire, but some campgrounds don’t offer fire pits in the RV section. Fortunately, you can bring your own propane fire pit to get the right visual effect.

Building Your Outdoor RV Setup

There are countless options for creating an outdoor RV setup. The trick isn’t to follow a specific list, but to ask what you value in your camping experience?

Once you pin down the things you care about, you can get the camping gear that will support that vision of your trip. Remember, it’s about making your experience great, not showing off to someone else.

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