[Idaho Uncovered] 15 Museums In Idaho That You Need To Visit

It’s time for you to enjoy a weekend of culture in Idaho and here’s how you can do it 

Idaho is known for its natural beauty – for its rolling hills and beautiful wildlife. You can go hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and even canoeing. Any outdoor activity you love to do, you can do in Idaho. 

But there is so much more to the state than having fun outside. The state is full of fantastic theaters, restaurants, and bookshops. It also has an incredible selection of museums that not enough people are aware of. 

Today, we want to highlight the amazing group of museums that Idaho has to offer. And we are going to do this by attempting to narrow the list down to our favorite 15 museums in the state. 

Keep reading to discover the 15 museums that you must visit in Idaho. 

#1 – Museum of Idaho, Idaho Falls 

Let’s start by looking at one of the largest and oldest museums in the state. The Museum of Idaho first opened its doors in 1889. It regularly features touring exhibits and exhibits forced on the history of Idaho. 

#2 – ARTitorium on Broadway, Idaho Falls 

If you are looking for an interactive museum that lets you and your little ones learn more about science and art in a hands-on way – then look no further, the ARTitorium on Broadway is the place for you. 

#3 – Craters of the Moon National Monument, Arco 

The Craters of the Moon National Monument has a reputation for being out of this world… But seriously, if you want your learning experiences to take place outside then this is a place you have to visit. 

#4 – Idaho Potato Museum, Blackfoot 

Idaho is famous for its potatoes and if you had ever wanted to learn more about the food then you can’t miss the Idaho Potato Museum. 

#5 -Collector Corner Museum, Idaho Falls 

If you like the weird and wonderful things in this world then you have to make a stop at the Collector Corner Museum in Idaho Falls. The exhibits change every 3 months here, but we have yet to be disappointed by one of them. 

#6 – Japanese Pavilion, Idaho Falls 

The Japanese Pavilion offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy traditional Japanese architecture, gardening, and landscaping – all while overlooking the beautiful river running through the center of the town. 

#7 – The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho, Idaho Falls 

After you have visited the Japanese Pavilion, you are going to want to make sure you head over to The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho. This Museum has 5 galleries and an interactive children’s section. 

#8 – Chesbro Music Company, Idaho Falls 

This is one of the oldest music shops in the state and it is full of decades of Idaho music scene history. If you love music then you can’t miss this place. It also has one of the best gift shops in Idaho. 

#9 – Bird Aviation Museum and Invention Center, Hayden 

This museum celebrates the history of manned flights, planes, and other inventions that have come out of Idaho. They have a collection of over 20 aircraft dating back to pre World War 1. 

#10 – Chesterfield Townsite, Chesterfield 

If you’re a fan of ghost towns then you are going to want to set aside at least a day to visit Chesterfield Townsite. You can spend your day exploring a town from the 1880s. 

#11 – Crystal Gold Mine, Kellogg 

If you are a fan of the 1880s then after visiting Chesterfield Townsite then you will also want to head down to the Crystal Gold Mine. This museum is interactive and gives you the experience of spending the day in a traditional gold mine. 

#12 – Fort Hall, Pocatello 

Continuing our 1800s theme, Idaho is also home to Fort Hall. This is a replica of the military trade post that was built around 1843. This is one of the most exciting Idaho museums

#13 – Jefferson County Historical Museum, Rigby 

This is a museum that celebrates the history of photography, television, and art. Here you will find photos from long before the TV and silent movie era. 

#14 – Museum of Clean, Pocatello 

If you ever have wondered about the history of the machines and chemicals that keep our homes clean – then you need to visit the Museum of Clean. 

#15 – Weiser Museum

This is a museum that celebrates the first nations’ citizens of Idaho, as well as the huge changes the state has gone through in the last 100 years.