Noor Vitamins: Halal Certified Multivitamins

When it comes to health, we all want good care. Today everyone, whether a child or an adult; everyone is facing some common problem. These are general weakness, low eye power, and lack of energy. The reason behind all these is our food habits which are not enough. Our food lacks vitamins, protein, and nutrition. This article is about Noor Vitamins.

In recent years people have started taking supplements. It is no doubt a good choice. This is helping a lot of people. But there are some groups who face some problems in doing so. When it comes to the question of food, Muslim people have a long list of dos and don’ts.

Many of the multivitamins companies use animals like pork, fish, and shellfish as their source. Islam strictly prohibits some of these sources. Muslim people follow these rules with heart. 

Here comes one company that makes halal-certified multivitamins. Halal certification proves the genuineness of any product according to the rules of the Islamic Council. ‘Noor Vitamins’ is a company that claims to have Halal-certified multivitamins products. Today we will discuss the details of the company and various kinds of multivitamins products. We will also discuss that is Halal a mark of purity.

Noor Vitamins: A brief introduction:   

Noor Vitamins is a subpart or division of Noor Pharmaceutical. It makes medicines for people. Doctors & scientists maintain the Noor vitamins division of Noor Pharmaceutical. These people are committed to producing high-quality vitamins naturally.

Al Noor Vitamins manufactures these multivitamins from ‘The Food and Drug Administration’ of America. FDA has certified the process of making these vitamins. After that scientists check these multivitamins halal three times. After that Noor Vitamin launches them in the market. 

Dr. Mohamed Issa is the present Chairman and chief executive of ‘Noor Vitamins’. He established Noor Vitamins in the year 2010. Dr. Dina Khairie, Dr. Hazma Malik, Majid Bukhari, and Trisha Smith are the team members of Noor Vitamins.

Noor Vitamins always prohibit the use of products that can be harmful. This company has also prohibited the use of artificial sweetness, alcohol, pork, GMO, shell, and tree nuts. 

Noor Halal Vitamins focuses on its mission. It states that they are to combine purity and simplicity. They provide natural wellness solutions and healthy lifestyles through their most complete vitamins made with natural ingredients. 

A summary of Noor Vitamins reviews:

Noor multivitamins are serving the whole world. It is pure and the best in quality multivitamins. The vitamins are Halal Vitamins. If you are about to buy a supplement from Noor Vitamins then let me share some reviews about their product.

  • These are halal-certified vitamins. You need not worry about the quality.
  • Noor vitamins are easy to swallow.
  • Multivitamin products of Noor are worth their price.
  • You can use these products to kill your disease from the roots. This will take a little time. After 6 months you will feel healthier than ever.
  • Noor multivitamin halal has zero side effects. But I am suggesting you check every ingredient of the product before shop.

Since the year 2010, Noor Vitamins has been serving the international market with a label of purity. But is it the case? One question that comes to mind is whether Halal certification really matters. 

Why is Halal certification so important nowadays? What is the reason that the whole world is trying to get a certificate of Halal and want to prove its purity? 

Is Halal a mark of purity?

Today the whole world is running for Halal certification. It seems like being Halal means being the best. Halal has become the mark of purity. A mark of authenticity and a mark of trust. 

But is it really true? Is Halal really nature-friendly and free of all impurities as claimed? 

What is Halal?

Halal is an Arabic word that means acceptable, permissible, or lawful. Muslims follow all the instructions and all the laws of Halal. Halal also includes the prohibition of many other things. If a product has Halal certification that means the product follows all the rules of the Islamic council. 

Now the question is is Halal rule really helping people? Or is it just a religious rule?

Halal is a term in Hadith. It means lawful. It does not allow to eat meat with blood remaining in it. But you can eat the meat of animals. 

Is this factor so much to care about? How can we say that it is not just a process? Can’t we say that it is in an old religious book and some followers follow it blindly?

My answer to this is simple. I oppose & everything that a certain group of people follows blindly. But in the case of Halal, the strict laws of the Islamic council have proved itself to be a benchmark for purity. You cannot add alcohol to your products and you can’t use any animal by-products in your products. Islamic council is completely against it.

These laws cancel out all possibilities of animal killing for products. According to these rules, Muslims will not use anything or everything that is not Halal. I really don’t know very deeply about the slaughtering process of animals according to Halal. I have heard that it is very painful. But that has nothing to do here. 

If products especially cosmetics, food items, supplements, and medicines have Halal certification then the company has not used any animal by-product to make the product.


Today all global companies want Halal certification for their products. There is a large population of Muslims. 19% of the whole population follows Islam. This means that if a company wants to be a global company then it must have to get Halal Certification.

Islamic council has strict laws hence having a Halal certification. Halal products are safe and pure.

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