How to Play Advance Wars by Web

Are you searching for Advance Wars by Web? Yes! You are in the right place. The game is an online web version of a Japanese turn-based video game Advance Wars. Here in this article, we have curated every detail that you need to know about the game.

What is Advance Wars?

Advance Wars is a turn-based tactical video game. The graphics are cute and the controls are easy to learn. But do not be fooled, since it is a layered version of chess involving lots of complex information and smart strategic planning. In addition, the game offers a hot-seat multiplayer mode with up to four players. The portable version of Advance Wars serves as a hidden gem.

What is Advance Wars by Web?

Advance Wars by Web is a platform where folks can play Advance Wars online. Advance Wars by Web seeks an effort to precise throwback the original Advance Wars cartridge games. It has a few additional aspects. Through the Global League service, players can compete against others worldwide. AWBW design around the ‘mail chess’ concept, in which all players take turns whenever they are available. Typically, games are played over several days or weeks at a slower pace.

Game Maintenance

There are also tournaments arrange around certain themes. advance wars by web updates frequently. Obviously since December 2017. Its technical team implements the aesthetic and functional changes. In the changelog, game developers can record all changes to the AWBW.

Discord Server

There is also a Discord server for Advance Wars by Web. Where members can chat with each other. If you face any problems with Advance Wars by Web, you may report them on the forum. Moreover, you can also report on the Discord server for a quick response. 

There are also 11 new custom armies to choose from, allowing for games and maps to have up to 16 players. No community customization accept apart from these. Few custom additions in order to maintain AWBW’s (mostly) faithful resemblance to the original cartridge games.

Advance Wars by Web: History

A Japanese-based video game developer named, Intelligent Systems, has developed the game. The game launched in the continent of North America on 10 September 2001. Advance Wars is the first-ever game in the video games Advance Wars series.

In addition, the second release was Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising. The third video game was Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Following, the fourth game was Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. These games create a sub-series of the Wars series set of games.

Game Mechanics

Gameplay is turn-based. An army ends its turn after issuing commands to its units and the next army begins its turn. During the development of units, funds (the game’s currency) are acquired at a rate of 1000 g per allied property per turn. Different COs (Commanding Officers) affect different units differently. Read on below to know the list of commands given to the unit:

Move– Moves the unit. Moves the unit. At the moment that the page reloads, the red squares appear movement range. Moving takes a volume of fuel. Land can’t move because of running out of fuel. Similarly, in the same case, an airplane and warship will die. 

Wait– Secondly, the waiting move exhibits the unit does nothing. Similarly, it can’t move again it is turnable. At this time, the unit does not desire to move.

Fire– The player uses this command to attack the opponent. However, a Red square will appear to target the enemy. And also, a percentage will show when the player moves the cursor on the unit that is attacked to use.

Capture- Thirdly, capture command is only for Infantry. So, this command detains buildings that are foot soldiers. However, if the buildings have at a rate of the unit’s HP.

Supply- Following, the supply command supplies every alongside units with the use of fuel and weapons. 

Advanced Wars by Web Plot

During the game, players are in Cosmo Land, a region of Wars World divided into four main countries:

  1. Orange Star
  2. Blue Moon
  3. Green Earth
  4. Yellow Comet

A relative peace interrupted in the middle of these continents. A mysterious new army that always wants to interupt. The plot story of the advance wars by web campaign starts with the nation of Orange Star. The war is held against the nearby nation of Blue Moon.

Commanding Officer Role

Players are the strategic guidance of the orange star. the player abides by the war attempt by all four countries in the course of the game. In the end, it is disclosed that the Black Hole Army is the real enemy. This army is commanded under the Sturm.

Sturm uses Andy’s CO doppelganger clone. This is to stimulate war among the four continents. Moreover, the enemy wants to confuse, weak and ultimately conquer them. When this disclose, the four continents come together to throw Black Hole out of their territory. Based on certain decisions and battles fought, the allied COs can vary in the final battle of the game.

How to play Advance Wars by Web?

Read on below to know how to play advance wars by web.

This game requires only a keyboard. You can view the console-to-keyboard mapping by viewing the controller button. For example, “A” on the game console is mapped to the “Z” Key on your keyboard. Furthermore, you can change the default key-mapping to whatever you like.

Advance Wars Tier List

S Tier

Max: As Max’s Light Tank, it boasts insane power. On a City, it will guarantee a draw against an unboosted Light Tank if it manages the first strike.

Sami: It’s amazing how powerful Sami is when all she needs to make Max think is a meager 10% Defense boost for her infantry. 

Sturm: The mobility of Sturm developments proves to mobilize in a manner commonly supporting him.

A Tier

Grit: Grit can be harm by lower offense infantry. However in fighting against Kanbei. In addition, Grit has commonly wanting to flood the unit’s edge.

Kanbei: Kanbei even so gets almost on the equal power as Max.

B Tier

Eagle: Eagle has a feature to get a lighting strike. He must maintain momentum to charge it up.

C Tier

Andy: No obvious strengths, despite the fact that healing rewards unit preservation a bit, and a lack of drawbacks allows Andy some momentum.

Olaf: If the player sets the match weather random or rainy, then Olaf’s rain weakness will matter.

Drake: He is a green commanding officer.  The air units he commands are weaker than average.

D Tier

Sonja: Sonja is completely reliant on her hidden HP factor that an attentive player can workaround to not be a complete handicap.

Does Advance Wars have multiplayer support?

Battles can be fought on dozens of maps with up to four players. You choose a CO from either campaign and can use their CO Powers strategically to turn the tide of battle. With options like funds per allied base and fog of war, you can customize your combat.

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