China Packing List for Stress-Free Vacation

China packing list, China is on top of the list of the most visited countries globally, making it a tourist hotspot. But no matter how experienced of a traveler you might be, every country is different, and understanding what to bring and what not to bring to China is essential.  

Although a vacation is supposed to be fun, China requires a plan for it to be fun as the language and culture are worlds apart. This ultimate china packing list is carefully curated to ensure you have a stress-free holiday. 

Here is a generalized China travel checklist. Read through it and add the ones relevant to you. 

Pollution Mask

China’s pollution problem is legendary and adding a good pollution mask to your China packing list is a must. You will find covers in China as locals use them as well, but it is recommended that you buy them before traveling. This will cut out the extra work of finding a place, and you can wear the mask straight out of the airport. 

Power Adapter

The world sadly does not have a universal electrical wall socket making it different from place to place depending on development. China is one of the many countries that do not have the same electrical outlet used in America. Thus, pack a converter. You can purchase a universal one but remember to keep a spare in your carry-on luggage.  

Virtual Private Network (VPN) 

This is actually the most essential item on your China packing list. Many know this ‘Middle Kingdom’ is infamous for banning the one with almost all the answers – Google. To get around this, make sure you download a VPN before you enter the country because once you do, it will be nearly impossible to access anything Google related. 

It is also useful to know that everything running electronically in China is monitored, and even with the VPN, your device will be under surveillance. It is suggested that you be wary of the things you browse on your trip to China.   


Traveling to a new country can be challenging in terms of maintaining the same health routine. So ensure you carry all your necessary medication along with their prescriptions. Apart from your personal medical needs, take mosquito repellent. China is frequently in the news for cases of dengue and malaria. 

The food in China can take some time to get used to, so don’t forget to carry digestive medication to stay prepared. Many tourists also have an immunity kit with vitamins, zinc spray, and probiotics.

For female travelers, remember China is filled with squat toilets and if you have difficulty using them, carry a female urination device. If it is, that time of the month, take a menstrual cup, but if you prefer tampons, you will have to stock up before traveling.    

Hidden Travel Belt 

Data shows that the most common crime in China is pickpocketing; this makes a hidden travel belt a must on your China packing list. For those of you who don’t know, an invisible travel belt is strapped around you under the clothing. The belt will have a place to hold everything from your phone to money. 

Ensure all your valuables like ID cards and passports are placed in the travel belt. This smart wallet is impossible to find, let alone steal.  

Travel Insurance 

If you refuse to drive without car insurance or live freely without life insurance, why travel without travel insurance? China is a quick-paced country, and ensuring you’re covered in case of a disaster will keep your mind at ease. So, make some calls and add insurance to your China packing list.  

Clothing and Shoes

It may come as a surprise to you, but it is challenging to find dryers in China, especially if you plan on trekking through the rawest parts of the country. Pack clothes in nylon and polyester, which are quick-drying fabrics, unlike cotton. 

No matter how badly you want to carry those impractical, flashy dance shoes, keep them at home. The long walks and exploring will require proper trekking shoes that may not look great, but your feet will thank you at the end of it. 

Now that you know what to add to your China packing list, here is what not to bring to China

Excessive clothes:

Pack a couple of favorite outfits you can’t live without and buy the rest in China. You will get affordable clothing you can wear and then maybe donate them to the needy before you leave. 

Basic Toiletries:

Unless you are a hypochondriac, do not carry simple toiletries like shampoo and toothpaste. China is not as backward as you think; you will find all the mainstream brands sold in supermarkets there. 

Extra Cash:

Avoid carrying around a wad of cash as China has several ATMs and money exchange units. Keep minimum cash in your wallet and use your card whenever needed. Sporting too much cash can be worrisome when you’re trying to relax. 


This is obvious but also very important; do not carry anything listed on the China Custom Prohibition website. The most obvious are illegal drugs and poison, smuggling animals and plants, and any kind of ammunition.  

Make a list of all that applies to you and ensure to check the weather conditions in China before booking tickets. Speaking of tickets, iEagle is one such site that will give you a wide array of options for cheap flight tickets and last-minute flight bookings. 

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