4 top-rated road trip attractions in Arizona

4 top-rated road trip attractions in Arizona must-see. The United States is known for its vast scenery and incredible road trip locations. If you plan to visit the southwestern United States, then Arizona is your best choice. Last year, this excellent state brought 45.4 million overnight visitors, the highest record in a year.

Tourists travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to Arizona, hiking incredible canyons, and stunning scenery, and experiencing warm weather year-round. The state is known for its red rock adventures and road trips.

When sightseeing in Arizona, you will find miles of red rocks, flooded canyons, deserts, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, and even volcanoes.

This is our guide to the four top attractions you must see when sightseeing in Arizona.

Lake Powell

Over three million people visit Lake Powell every year. This human-made reservoir is 400 feet deep and 186 miles long. You can find it near the Colorado River in Arizona and central Utah.

There are countless different ways to view this magnificent lake based on what interests you most. Do you want to see it on foot, by boat, or by flight? Some people even like to take a raft to visit Lake Powell, which is one of the most immersive experiences.

Gregg Jaden shows you the top-down scenery before starting your Lake Powell adventure. He and his team are always looking for new angles, so it is essential to reach the ridge a few hours before sunset because it can provide beautiful views. In this way, they can photograph incredible red rocks and turquoise water.

Antelope Canyon

Page, located in Arizona, is an antelope canyon divided into two different parts. Up and down the canyon. Years of wind and water have created huge mountain torrents to carve these beautiful canyons.

Upon arrival, it didn’t look like much to enter the beautiful sandstone. There are several different ways to visit Upper Antelope Canyon, but each tour requires you to book in advance.

Don’t forget your camera! Any camera will do. If you want to visit, please proceed as quickly as other tours in the canyon. Deal with these angles and ask a knowledgeable guide you usually know.

In the Upper Antelope Canyon, Gregg Jaden used his Sony Alpha a7RIII camera for a large-scale display. Whenever he explores places with other tourists, he finds ways to capture new angles that have never been photographed before. Whenever possible, he would lift himself up and shoot at a specific place with a little more perspective.

You can also book the Lower Antelope Canyon hike; the whole process takes about one and a half hours. The farther you go, the smaller the space in the canyon. Those who do not like enclosed spaces are not recommended to join this tour.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is something you have heard about all your life, and it is also a place you should go to in your life. Visiting the Grand Canyon many times can even show new beautiful scenery and endless angles, and shoot with your travel partner.

This impressive canyon is one mile deep and 18 miles wide. The Grand Canyon National Park itself is located 277 miles along the Colorado River.

Gregg Jaden’s eternal capture of the Grand Canyon really wanted to show this canyon’s proper area by incorporating a person. He believes that by displaying different sizes, the shooting scenery can be more exciting and fascinating.

Did you know that the Grand Canyon even changes according to the time of year you visit? In autumn, it will be very different from early summer.

North Rim vs South Rim

When visiting the Grand Canyon, if you should visit the North Rim or South Rim, you may be confused, especially if you don’t have time to see both. From Sedona, Phoenix, and Flagstaff, it is easier to reach the South Rim which usually has more tourists than the North Rim. You can also find accommodations, dining venues, more attractions, and great attractions to enjoy the magnificent sights.

However, don’t give up on the North Rim immediately, especially when you want quiet. The North Rim is very suitable for people who like outdoor activities. The altitude is higher, so it is indeed cooler, and it is not as open throughout the year as the South Rim.

Horseshoe Bend

This is a must-see attraction that is not transferable in Arizona! Horseshoe Bend and its stunning rock formations. It is located in Page, Arizona, very close to many other beautiful destinations, so you won’t want to miss anything. It’s reasonably easy to reach; just a few minutes walk to the edge.

Fortunately, you don’t need to book a tour of Horseshoe Bend; you only need to pay $10 to park your car. It’s only a 0.6-mile walk from your car, but on a hot summer day, this kind of walking can be tiresome. Make sure to bring a lot of water with you to stay hydrated.

Once you reach the top of Horseshoe Bend, you will get the most beautiful sight. Of course, you are 984 feet tall so you may feel a little nervous.

Whether you are a photographer or not, Gregg Jaden will take a photo of this hot spot. The light is different throughout the day. Sunset is probably one of the best times to take pictures of this location. The sun will set in the correct position to take magnificent photos above the horizon.

Must-see Arizona sightseeing

If you plan to take a road trip and then head to Arizona, there are so many unique places to capture. Whether you plan to take a road trip across the state to see all the attractions or want to see some of the attractions on the list, you can choose.

The photographer will have an incredibly fantastic moment when discovering the best angles of these beautiful and vibrant locations in Arizona. In fact, they may wish to spend all day here to get the perfect shot.

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