Travel Guide for The Blue Ridge Mountains Of North Carolina

Home to the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina is one of the most romantic places in the world. In terms of romance, many people believe that nothing can beat white sand beaches and beautiful aqua-blue sea. However, you need to experience the Blue Ridge Mountains and all of their beauty yourself to understand why such bold claims are made by the locals. The Blue Ridge Mountains span from Georgia all the way to Pennsylvania. From its range, you can see how long the trails are. 

The Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests are home o thousands of wildlife, rivers, and rare plants and keep the Blue Ridge Mountains protected. According to many locals, the mountains contain magical properties. When viewed from below, the blue tint surrounding the mountains provides it with a magical appearance. If you love to camp in the mountains, you will definitely not be disappointed by the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Where can vacation rentals be found online for the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina? 

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Our wide selection of accommodation facilities allows you to find the best apartment or house for your family and pets. We understand how important pets are to their pet owners especially about making sure they are comfortable in a brand-new place. Rest assured that your pets will have a great time here. From pet-friendly gardens to pet toys, the vacation rentals have all of the amenities that you need to ensure that your beloved pet feels like a king or queen as soon as he or she arrives. 

What to do in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains 

Thousands of tourists are welcomed with open arms by the Blue Ridge Mountains every month. Make sure to not miss the sunrise while you are here. Instead of the mountains generating an orangish glow, they have a pale blue appearance as soon as the first rays of the sun fall on them. Perhaps this is why they are called the magical mountains by the locals. In addition to being able to enjoy a breathtaking sunrise, there are many other things you can do in the Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounding areas. The following is a shortlist of places to add to your itinerary for your visit. 

1. Blue Ridge Parkway

If you are familiar with the song lyrics “Country roads, take me home,” then you will definitely recognize resemblances to the road while driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This road that leads to the parkway is one of America’s most scenic places. Both sides of the road have plenty of greenery on them, and the path provides breathtaking views of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Most important of all, you will love seeing the colorful display of all of the gorgeous surrounding flowers.  

With this stunning drive, you can fully expect the destination to be even more beautiful than the road. The Blue Ridge Parkway provides an unmatched and spectacular view of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s such a beautiful view that you might want to set down your camera for just a minute to admire all that nature is presenting to you. Many tourists take their pets with them to the parkway and stop for lunch since they are not in a hurry to leave. 

2. Pisgah National Forest 

As previously mentioned, the Blue Ridge Mountains are protected by the Pisgah by sharing is more than 500,000 acres of land. Much of the greenery seen from the Blue Ridge Parkway is in the Pisgah National Forest. It covers most of the north as well as the Blue Ridge Mountains’ central-western ranges. The national forest, with its waterfalls, whitewater, and rivers along its hiking trails will make you truly feel like a nomad. 

Be sure to add a change of clothing to your bag, since the waterfalls are very inviting, and you make want to take a nice bath. Usually, tourists visit the Pisgah National Forest and Blue Ridge Parkway on the same day since they are so close to each other. At various points, mountain bikes are available for adventure sports fans. 

3. Nantahala National Forest

Would you like to visit North Carolina’s largest national forest? If so, head out to the Nantahala National Forest for a truly magnificent experience. Fortunately, you won’t have to drive a long way to get here. Many pet-friendly vacation rentals are located near the forest. It is a rare national forest that offers many stunning scenic views as well as lots of outdoor activities. 

The Indian word Nantahala translates as “land of the midday sun.” This is such an appropriate name for the place since the afternoon sun is the only source of light illuminating the deep mountain gorges and valleys. After reaching the Nantahala National Forest, enjoy a panoramic view of Whiteside Mountain, Wesser Bald, and Wayah Bald. Be sure to also check out the forest’s 400-year=old trees. To find the trees, ask around or take a guide with you. 

4. Mt. Mitchell State Park 

Mt.Mitchell is the highest point on the Mississippi River, located about 30 kilometers from North Carolina To get to Mt. Mitchell State park you will take the same road leading to the Blue Ridge Parkway. When you reach the park, you will be able to see six Black Mountain range peaks, including Mount Craig, Balsam Cone, Big Tom, and Mount Gibbes. 

When is the best time to visit the Blue Ridge Mountains?

Its fall colors are one of the most popular things that people love about the Blue Ridge Mountains. However, there are great weather conditions throughout the entire year. Find Rentals see high to moderate booking in nearly all seasons However, there are a few sections that might be closed in the winter because of heavy snowfall.  

September through November is the peak season for visiting the Blue Ridge Mountains. Usually, it is difficult to find hotel bookings during this time of the year. Before arriving, we recommend that you log into our website at least a few months in advance. That will help you locate your favorite pet-friendly cabin on our website. 

The Blue Ridge Mountains enjoy quite pleasant summers. Throughout the day the temperatures vary 10 to 25 degrees. If you like bathing under waterfalls and hiking, you might want to visit April through June. 

Pro tip – Try visiting the Blue Ridge Mountains on a weekday. Usually, there is a flood of locals and tourists on the weekend, especially during the peak season.  

You now have a one-stop destination for finding a pet-friendly cabin rental booking in the Blue Ridge Mountains. So what are you waiting for? Immediately log into the website and get your booking scheduled to ensure a truly memorable stay in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

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