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The Accountant is a 2016 American crime thriller action film with Gavin O’Connor as director, Bill Dubuque as a writer, and starring Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J. K. Simmons, John Lithgow, and others. You can watch the accountant Online free at Kissmovies, Gototub, 123movies, Fmovies, etc.

The Director is Gavin O’Connor and the Producers are Lynette Howell Taylor and Mark Williams

The movie was released in The US on 14 October 2016

Total Running Time: 128 minutes

The total movie Budget was 44 Million USD and the total Box Office Collection was 155 Million USD 

The Accountant Plot 

The winding complex storyline showcases Christian Wolff (played by Ben Affleck), an Autistic mathematical brilliance turned assassin, and Dana Cummings (played by Anna Kendrick) in their mission to avoid killers. Further, this all happens as Wolff enquires because of connections between him and the criminals.

Also, Raymond King (played by J.K. Simmons) is the famous FBI agent cum aged director. Again, having the last case to solve before his retirement. Again, he encourages a young agent, Marybeth Medina (played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson). Further, to investigate a man seen in photographs with various criminals, “the accountant”.

Raymond King knows exactly that Christian Wolff is the man he is looking for and being investigated; he needs to close the case soon so that he can peacefully retire. Further, a lot of plot twists, layering of characters, and symbolism.

Thus, make this movie is more interesting. Also, it is a kind of difficult storyline to follow but will appeal to the masses who enjoy a plot involving problem-solving and crime. Further, Mr. Wolff is supposedly brilliant. But his outstanding accounting skills lure him into the black money business.

This is where the violence in the movie starts. But viewers can watch out for Anna Kendrick for comic relief throughout the film. Further, Christian Wolff is the center of attraction among all characters. Also, he surely will impress the Autism community because of the way he carries himself and his manners. Even the acts brilliantly as a brutal assassin as well as show his incredible math skills.

The accountant Movie 

Furthermore, this movie intrudes us by the flashbacks which narrate and build the character, which usually features his father. Again, his father is an ex-army officer, who helps Wolff grow into a genius mathematician and killer. Thus, this all came from Wolff’s father’s fear that Christian would find it extremely difficult to step comfortably in the actual world.

Again, this leads to Wolff seeing a lot of violence and hyper noises as a kid. Further, which was opposite to what was supposed to happen. As per Wolff’s words from the movie, he has got “high functioning” Autism. Also, developing a nudge to finish tasks and work. This becomes the underline for the movie.

The movie’s soundtrack is phenomenal and aptly describes certain situations in the movie. Further, one highlight performance was from Seth Lee as young Chris. Again, which we get to see during his flashbacks. Also, where he was yet to find a way to stream his anger issues.

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The Accountant IMDB 

IMDB rating is 7.6/10 with a total of 967 reviews, making it a worth watching criminal drama. It has received a 76% score on audience score in Rotten Tomato, with over 25,000+ ratings.

Where was the movie The Accountant filmed? 

The majority of The Accountant Film Locations are shot in the US like Atlanta, Georgia. Again, there were also scenes shot in Plainfield, Illinois. Even with additional scenes in Chicago (downtown), Illinois. Also, the high school Dana mentions is an actual high school, from which Bob Odenkirk completed his graduation(Naperville North).

Watch The Accountant Online Free

The Accountant is a violent popcorn treat with good action-packed scenes and characters to make it worthwhile. Also, you can Watch the Accountant Online Free at Amazon Prime. Furthermore, The Accountant streaming online on Netflix as well.

Thus, you can also watch ‘The Accountant’ Online Free with English and regional subtitles.

The Accountant Cast:

Stream the accountant Online free to watch the power performance by Ben Affleck, Anna Kendric, Seth Lee, and others. The Cast of The Accountant include:

Ben Affleck: Christian “Chris” Wolff

Seth Lee: Young Chris

Anna Kendrick: Dana Cummings

K. Simmons: Raymond “Ray” King

Jon Bernthal: Braxton

Jake Presley: Young Braxton

Cynthia Addai-Robinson: Marybeth Medina

Jeffrey Tambor : Francis Silverberg

John Lithgow: Lamar Blackburn

Jean Smart: Rita Blackburn

Andy Umberger: Ed Chilton

Alison Wright: Justine

Izzy Fenech: Young Justine

Robert C. Treveiler: Chris’s father / “The Colonel”

Mary Kraft: Chris’ mother

Gary Basaraba: Don

Fernando Chien : Sorkis

The Accountant Review:

The formula for “The Accountant” is from Rain Man and John Wick. It’s a complex, intense film. Further, that is well-crafted and better than what you’ve ever seen (which is most likely not much). Ben Affleck plays the role of an autistic math brilliant who works as a forensic accountant. Further, he’s hired by a company to uncook the books and discover.

Moreover, some nefarious activities while hiding his dark past from the United States Treasury Department. As soon as the end credits began to roll I specifically looked to see for the book. This film is in detail and narrated just like a movie based on a novel would be. Furthermore, this film was an original screenplay by Bill Dubuque, who has a score of four screenplays on his IMDB profile.

The Accountant has a nomination for Best International Film in Jupiter Awards and Best Thriller Films in Saturn Awards. Ben Affleck, nominated as Best International Actor in Jupiter Awards. There is a sequel to the 2016 movie.

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