Attractions Manila: Explore the Best of the Philippine Capital City

Manila is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The wholesome attractions of Manila a city in the Philippines. This is a charming and interesting country with American symmetry. It’s really a strategy that went on in the ww2. There is a version of anything like Las Vegas big city BCG has all modern amenities and so on. some people say the Philippines is the original Paris of Asia because of the beautiful city of Manila. The city seems to be vibrant and clean and the reason believe is City in the Philippines.

Hustle and bustle of attractions in Manila: 

It’s beautiful to explore the hustle and vibrant life. The traffic situation in Manila is a lot similar to a place called Dhaka which is situated in Bangladesh and is also known to be a clean and developed area. Mahila is contested by cars jimmies etc. This is one of the most crowded and noisy cities in the Philippines yet it’s very lively. The beautiful bustling city offers Sm Megamall, Mall of Asia which is known to be some of the greatest malls in the world.

Tagaytay is near Manila, Boracay and Palawan are the best destinations in the world and Mayon is a beautiful volcano, must visit place if you are going to Manila in the Philippines.

Legacy and culture in Philippines attractions Manila:

Manila is the capital of the Philippines. The city carries and legacy of its architecture natural beauty and lifestyle. It holds to a legacy of the mixed culture of America Spain and Japan. The main culture of the city is clearly a mix of all those influences from Spanish American Chinese and Japanese cultures. Those cultures reflect the turbulent history of the city and its roots.

It is a part of the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines which is a comparative contemporary for art and culture development.

The top 10 places to visit in Manila start with Rizal Park:

Rizal Park is very dear to Philippine residentials because of its historical significance. It’s one of the best places to visit in Manila. The purpose spread over 140 acres was established by the national hero Jose Rizal. It is famous for its ornamental garden historical statues musical fountains.

Fort Santiago:

Fort Santiago is a very special place to visit in Manila, Philippines. It is considered one of the best Manila tourist spots. It was completed and developed in 1593 and is located in the ancient area there. it is known to be the headquarters of the army of several foreign powers in Philippine history.

Manila Ocean Park:

Manila Ocean Park can be called an amusement park in Manila which is one of the most relaxing it exotic places in the Philippines to visit. The bar councilman attractions that one cannot finish the tour in a single day. The main attraction and highlight is the ocean area which has more than 14000 animals across 70 million species making it one of the biggest aquariums in the world.

San Augustin church:

The attractions Manila calls out the name of San Augustin Church which is located in General Luna St Manila, Metro Manila. This is a Roman Catholic Church under the auspices of the order of St Augustine. It is the oldest stone church in the country and is famous for its legacy of history and heritage.

National Museum Complex:

Museums in Manila stand for the designs crafts and historical heritage of the Philippines. the complex includes the national art gallery and it is a great place for kids to visit.

Malacannang Palace:

It’s a great gate away for couples. This is the official residence of the president though it doesn’t get mentioned every time in the top tourist spots. Visitors can’t get inside for free.

Manila Zoo:

Beautiful creatures and animals including Hippopotamus Bengal Tigers, Monitor Lizard, Rhinoceros, and Elephants a treat to watch for wildlife lovers. They are over 500 animals and over 1000 pieces.

Manila Cathedral:

It was originally established in 1571 but evolved and the current structure is the 8th building. Reserved earthquakes and conquests for more than 400 years. This is an incredible example of Roman architecture and it features among the Manila attractions in the top 10 list.

Arroceros Forest Park:

In the constant hustle and bustle in Manila, visitors can find solace in the park. This is a small yet dense and beautiful Park which provides the greenery to your eyes and soul.

Start City Amusement Park:

Star City amusement park is a great amusement park in Manila. Once you cover all the historic places in Manila is the best amusement for you to have fun with your friends family and loved ones. This is the biggest amusement park in Manila and a must-visit place at night. The twinkling lights and the crazy lights with good music good food and party life make the set one of the most beautiful places in Manila.

Food Fest in Manila:

Foods and Manila starts with the price fixe, the fried siopao, skewered Betamax, pig, chicken intestines barbecue, crispy pata, Buko, Buko juice, Dinuguan, Champorado, Adobo Adobo is the unofficial national dish of the Philippines.

Overview of travel and caution:

Attractions Manila gives you a tour of the Philippine Paradise. It creates a strong impact on the visitor’s mind that stays forever. The craving for exploring Manila gets you to a historic drama and its evolution through several conquest and modulation of art in that aesthetic authentic architecture of the city in the beautiful Philippines.

Visitors must carry the important documents along with their passports and visas with other ID proofs. The first aid kit and emergency medicines must be carried to be free books hotels, resorts, and villas. Travel to Manila and paint your mind canvas with the beautiful colors of the Philippines.


1.) Is Manila a country?

Ans- No, Manila is a city, the capital of the Philippines.

2.) Is Manila a historic heritage?

Ans- Manila is known for its historic heritage and architecture as it was one of the oldest cities in the Philippines.

3.) Is Manila too expensive?

Ans- No, Manila is moderately expensive but a budget tour can be planned.

4.) How to go to Manila?

Ans- Visitors from different countries must book their flights to the Philippines. Philippines residential people can opt for cars or trains to reach.