Building a Professional Network Can Help You Land Your Dream Job in Hyderabad

So you’ve graduated from college, and are ready to hit the ground running when it comes to getting your first job. You’re starry-eyed as you begin to check out the best IT companies in Hyderabad, imagining yourself advancing your career in one of them. But how do you go about getting an interview or making a connection in one of these firms? Well, building a professional network can help you bag that dream job you’ve been eyeing. What’s more, when you do bag that job, some of your networks can be the ones to help out with great advice and support in finding a good-paying guest accommodation in the city. 

If you think you have no idea how to network and have no connections, think again. Even at the beginning of your career, you have an existing network – your classmates, professors, and other job aspirants make up your connections. Now you just have to work on expanding this network and nurturing these relationships so that you can utilize them to your advantage. What advantage is that exactly? Well, we’ve got a guide to building a professional network that will answer all your questions on the subject.

Why Do You Need A Network?

To put it simply, your network contacts could be instrumental when it comes to job leads, especially when you’re starting out. But that’s not all, having a strong network will provide you with mentors who can help you solve problems or give advice, recommend other professionals to you and even help you expand your knowledge base about potential employers or clients. The more widespread and well-maintained your network, the better your chances of bagging the job of your choice.

How Can Your Network Help You Advance Your Career?

Like we said, your network can help you find leads for employment, but that’s one of a multitude of ways in which they could help your career advance. If you’re scouting a company for a job, having a contact there will help you get some insider information on the kind of roles they have to offer, the culture, and the options for growth. They may even be able to help you secure an interview.

If you’re taking on a project in a field that you don’t have much experience in, one of your contacts could act as a mentor and support you through the task. Or if you’re working with an external party and don’t know what to expect, you can rely on a contact who has worked with them in the past for feedback and advice. Of course, the amount of help you get from your network will depend on who is in it and how well you maintain the relationships.

Who Is Your Network Made Up Of?

To be frank there are no strict rules when it comes to building a professional network. Anyone you meet can be a part of it, as long as you consider them to be a good connection to maintain. Your coworkers, college classmates, professors, friends, and family are all automatically part of your network. But you should also make an effort to foster new professional associations. Attending networking events, following the LinkedIn profiles of potential contacts, and participating or volunteering for different projects or committees can all be ways to grow your reach.

But whenever you add someone new to your network, it’s important to put some effort into maintaining the connection. Simple steps like engaging with their social media posts, sharing any relevant or interesting information, or even festive greetings can go a long way to keeping a connection alive. Having strong relationships with your network is one of the key ways to help it grow as your contacts can introduce you to others, thereby expanding your network.

How Long Do You Have to Network?

Well, the truth is that networking is a process that never stops. You need to be making a constant and consistent effort to grow and maintain your network. With more and more people turning to entrepreneurship as well, one or more of your contacts could end up founding one of the top startups in Hyderabad. So, you never know when contact could become invaluable to you or provide you with a key job lead. And you might just be packing your bags and moving to a top PG in the city before you know it. That’s why it’s important to put time and effort into networking. Even if you struggle with social interactions or reaching out to others, you can use social media tools like LinkedIn to keep up networking at any time and place across the world.

Now you know exactly how to build and maintain a professional network. It’s one of the most important skills you’ll need to advance your career. So, don’t overthink it. Just reach out to your contacts regularly and keep an open mind. One of them could be waiting to hand you the ticket to your dream job soon.

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