San Francisco itinerary: 3 days tour

Are you curious about the San Francisco itinerary? San Francisco is “The special City,” a title obtained by its pretty quality, social attractions, various networks, and elite food. Estimating 49 square miles. This walk-capable City is with tourist spots like the Golden Gate Bridge, trolleys, Alcatraz, and the biggest Chinatown in the United States. 

A walk around the City’s roads can lead from Union Square to North Beach to Fisherman’s Wharf. Finally, with charming areas to investigate every step of the way. Whether you want to cover San Francisco in 3 days or 4 days in San Francisco, aren’t you able to decide yet how many days in San Francisco? If you are looking for a San Francisco itinerary, then you are in the right place. 

Best time to go to San Francisco 

It is home to rebels, fashionable people, geeks, and settlers. It’s a weird spot and one of the #1 spots to visit as there is a huge amount to see and do. There’s continually something new and energizing going on in San Francisco. 

The best time to go to San Francisco is from September to November. Honestly, fall offers a portion of the City’s hottest temperatures all year. Also fewer groups than in summer. Spring is another suitable occasion to visit on account of its gentle temperatures and absence of downpours.

How many days in San Francisco?

The answer to this question depends on your budget. “How many days in San Francisco?” 3-5 days in San Francisco is the minimum time suggested to cover most tourist spots. Although, 5 days in San Francisco is more than enough to explore. Even 4 days in San Francisco is fine on account of your budget.

You could even cover San Francisco in the 3-day tour. Mostly, San Francisco in 3 days is a good period as suggested by most visitors. Below is a San Francisco itinerary for San Francisco 3-day tour. 

San Francisco itinerary 

Day 1: San Francisco itinerary 

1. Golden gate bridge 

  • The Golden Gate Bridge is one of San Francisco’s most popular marks. You can gaze at it from each point. 
  • Remember to advance toward the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which offers a waterfront walkway.
  • Even viewpoints on the frame and various climbing tracks.
  • There’s a Walt Disney historical center in the recreation center as well. 

2. Crissy field

  • As you wander along the harbor the focal point of the town is this park. 
  • Which includes an excellent seashore, cafés, wharves for fishing, and stops for Frisbee. 
  • You’ll discover many local people running, walking their canines, or lying on the seashore. 
  • It offers clear views of the whole harbor. 

3. Palace of fine arts

  • The Palace of Fine Arts is a Roman-style remainder of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition. 
  • Additionally, the outside building and its tidal pond are some of the City’s most captured sights. 

4. Alcatraz

  • This previous government jail on Alcatraz Island was home to a portion of the most terrible lawbreakers in the US. 

5. Fisherman’s wharf, pier 39, and Ghirardelli square

  • This territory covers various squares along the waterfront. And it is perhaps the most ordinary activity in the City.
  • There are road entertainers, ornament shops, and huge loads of eateries. 

6. Mission 

  • After your busy day, relax in Dolores Park for incredible outlooks on the City. 
  • The Mission District is an astounding spot to go through your evening. 

Day 2: San Francisco itinerary 

1. Ride a cable car

  • Riding the streetcars is a fantastic method to visit the City. Finally, to experience different neighborhoods in San Francisco.
  • Catch the streetcars from Market Street. They’re enjoyable to ride. Additionally, it will save you heaps of time walking all over those slopes. 

2. Lombard street

  • The crisscrossed Lombard Street full of vehicles and pink blossoms is an absolute necessity on a bright day.
  • While riding the cable cars, make a point to get off at Lombard Street and see one of the world’s windiest roads. 
  • The historical background of Lombard Street is valuable. 

3. Coit Tower 

  • Another significant city landmark is Coit Tower, rested on Telegraph Hill.
  • It helps to enhance the City and highlights 27 fresco wall paintings by various specialists. 
  • From the top, you’ll get all the surrounding viewpoints of the City. 
  • Else, you can investigate the landmark and paintings at ground level. 

4. Head to Chinatown 

  • Close to NYC, this is the most well-known Chinatown in the United States.

5. Go on a Harbor Tour 

  • Take an evening voyage of San Francisco Bay to see the City from the water. 
  • You’ll get some great photographs. 
  • And you will be able to appreciate life on the water. 

6. Enjoy the Castro 

  • The Castro is San Francisco’s gay area.
  • It highlights various ethnic and current eateries. 
  • Besides, there are plenty of wild and fun clubs. 
  • That takes into account both gay and straight individuals. 
  • It’s an amazing spot to go out in the evening time. 

7. Investigate Haight-Ashbury 

  • The origin of America’s originality. 
  • The summer of Love. 
  • It’s a great spot to visit, and Flower Power Walking Tours runs top to bottom and useful visits through the area.

Day 3: San Francisco itinerary 

1. Take a walking visit 

  • San Francisco has various interesting wandering visits that can show you the historical background of the mixed areas. 
  • Or show you all the tasty food the City has to bring to the table. 

2. Eat at the shipbuilding 

  • The top spot to eat in San Francisco, the Ferry Building Marketplace, is a foodie dream. 
  • Outside the structure on workdays are a ton of food stands.
  • And even at the end of the week. 
  • Inside, you’ll discover eateries and food merchants selling forte food things just as butchers, cheesemongers, and wine bars.

3. Visit the City’s numerous galleries. 

San Francisco has various galleries that merit seeing. Here are my top picks: 

a) The beat museum

b) The streetcar museum

c) Exploratorium

d) De Young art museum

3. Golden gate park 

  • This colossal park includes a Japanese nursery, a historical center, an arboretum, and huge climbing and walking tracks. 
  • 3 miles in length and extending around 30 squares to the ocean, it’s 20% greater than New York’s Central Park.
  • Walking from one finish to another will require a large portion of the day. 

4. Enjoy a drink 

  • After all that discovery, you ought to likely investigate a portion of the City’s surprising brew houses. 
  • The Mission and Castro are two of the best spots for nightlife, yet you’ll discover astonishing bars and clubs all through the City. 


The San Francisco itinerary has a ton of activities, attractions to see, and places to eat. Make certain to arrange everything in advance when you visit San Franciso. So you can more readily get around and have more opportunity to consider all to be sights and exercises as it’s difficult to get around. Be that as it may, this City will knock your socks off. Finally, you can’t get enough of this City!

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