Things to do in St Helena

“Things to do in St Helena” Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”- Anonymous. Indeed, traveling comes with a plethora of advantages; it is food for the body and soul. If you love offbeat destinations, then you must know how amazing it is to be lost in the right direction. In case you are an avid traveler and looking for the perfect holiday spot, you can consider visiting St. Helena.

Still skeptical?

Scroll down to understand why including St Helena in your bucket list can be an excellent decision:

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of St. Helena, let’s refresh our knowledge of Geography and find out about the location details:

Take a glance at the world map, and hover towards Napa County, California, where you can find this beautiful city of St Helena. Portugal discovered this city in the fifteenth century. Due to the remote location, the British often kept their prisoners and important political personas on this island. Even Napoleon was exiled here.

What to do in St Helena?

Alright, you finally packed your bags and started your journey to this fantastic place. The obvious question that would cross your mind is what to do in St Helena. We give you a little piece of advice on the things to do in St Helena. Commence your journey from Jamestown, the capital of St Helena. You can find many hotels to make your stay more comfortable. Check in to a decent hotel and get prepared for a legendary welcome.

Let’s take a sneak peek into the famous attractions of St Helena.  

St Helena Museum, Jamestown: 

You can find this famous museum in a vintage warehouse. This museum can be every nerd’s paradise. If you want to dig into the history of this island, then nothing can be better than this place. In this museum, you can learn more about the natural resource of the island too. In this tourist, spot exploration meets curiosity, and it is a great place to revolve around the past.

Visiting st Helena museum can be a joyful way to live the past. If you are wondering about the things to do in St Helena, then visiting this museum can be an intelligent decision. 

Stevenson Museum at Silverado:

This museum is curated with the memories of the famous author Robert Louis Stevenson. You can find many manuscripts and other objects that will help you relive this renowned author’s life. If you type in Google about things to do in St Helena, you can find Stevenson Museum’s name at the top of the search results. 

Napoleon’s residence in Longwood: 

Napoleon had spent his last few years in this famous house of Longwood. This place is a montage of history, and it allows you to take a glimpse into Napoleon’s lifestyle. This place is encircled by the verdant views of a garden, which will act as an eye tonic and rejuvenate your tired eyes. This is listed amongst the popular st Helena attractions.

Pride Mountain Vineyards:

Plan a sweet date with nature by visiting this vineyard. You can also pamper your taste buds by tasting wine here. Here nature’s silence speaks louder than words. The secluded, serene setting will rejuvenate your soul. If you are dubious about the things to do in St Helena, consider visiting this vineyard to enjoy a heavenly experience.

Napoleon’s tomb, St. Valley:

Wondering about the things to do in St Helena? Consider visiting Napolean’s tomb. Napoleon’s tomb is situated in the Sane Valley of St Helena. A visit to this place will mean an exciting ride to the historical events.

Diana Peak National Park:

If you are looking for pure verdant views then visiting this place can be a great decision. Take selfies in the lush greeneries and explore many floras and faunas in this beautiful place. Fern trees and flowers encircle this place. Indeed nature is the key to life and to get engrossed in the beauty of nature visiting this place can be a terrific choice.

Modus operandi Cellers:

If you are a wine lover, then nothing can be better than this place. Here an hour can turn into a day, and you can taste some finest quality wines.

Heart-Shaped waterfall:

The heart-shaped waterfall is one of a kind, and if you are in St Helena, you must witness this amazing nature’s beauty. During the monsoon, the beauty of this place is enhanced. Visiting this location in June and July can be a good decision.

Downtown St Helena

Downtown can be the best destination for shopaholics. Here you can find a lot of stores and boutiques to cater to your varying requirements. Carry your debit and credit card and shop till you drop. Some of the popular stores are La Bohème, Fideaux, Daily Clothing Boutique, Bespoke, and Amelia Claire.

These are just the tip of the iceberg; at Downtown St Helena, you can find many stores to render you a joyful shopping experience. If you are looking for things to do in St Helena, consider visiting this popular shopping destination.

Top spots for the gourmets in St Helena

If you are a gourmand and looking for finger-licking delicacies, you can consider visiting the below places.


If you love organic foods, then this place is worth trying. When you hit “st Helena ca things to do” in your search bar, then this place will top the list. You can also enjoy live music here. The cheddar biscuits and honey butter are worth trying.

Burger tray:

Are you a burger fan and looking for the best destination to tickle your taste buds? Stop sweating it out and visit this amazing place. Some of the menu’s popular things include a blue cheeseburger, a green cheeseburger, and many more.

Grill at Meadowood:

If you want to enjoy your food with verdant views, then this place can be exceptional. The menu’s hit list includes classic Wagyu burgers, crispy artichokes, lavender iced tea, and many more.

Wine Country:

Visiting Wine Country Public house must include in your St Helena activities. This rustic place will offer you many delicacies, including duck fat fries, Goose and Gander burgers, and many more.

Unforgettable, that’s what trips are meant to be. If you are looking for an exotic travel location, you must visit here without a second thought. Indeed this place is dreaming for all season. If you are looking for the best things to do in St Helena, you can consider visiting the above spots to have a memorable vacation.

Thus, take a break from your monotonous life. You know what? You deserve it. Explore happiness on earth and let your soul and spirit fly.  

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