12 Infographic Ideas To Spread Awareness About COVID-19

In the past year, there has been a rise in the number of people who have contracted COVID-19. This virus is highly contagious and can be spread through direct contact and droplets. The best way to avoid contracting this disease is by knowing how it spreads and practicing safe habits. In this article, we will guide you through safe practices and ways how to create an effective infographic about spreading awareness. 

Safety Protocols To Follow

1) Washing Hands.

It’s important to wash your hands before touching anything that could potentially harbor COVID-19 or pass it on to someone else. You should also wash your hands after you use the restroom or touch body fluids from an infected person.

2) Covering Coughs/Sneezes.

If you cough or sneeze without covering your mouth, you run the risk of spreading COVID-19 to those around you.

3) Avoiding Close Contact.

Try to avoid close contact with people who may be infected with COVID-19. This includes shaking hands, hugging, and kissing.

4) Disinfecting Surfaces.

Surfaces that are commonly touched, such as door handles and countertops, can become contaminated with the virus. Make sure to disinfect these areas frequently by using UV light or bleach water.

5) Avoiding Sex.

COVID-19 has several different strains that are not affected by condoms. The best way to avoid spreading the virus is to abstain from sex until a vaccine is available on the market.

6) Vaccination.

There are currently vaccines in development to prevent COVID-19, but at this point, they are still in the testing stages. Make sure to be aware of when the vaccine becomes available on the market and make plans to get it at your earliest convenience.

7) Knowing Symptoms.

The symptoms of COVID-19 include sudden mood swings, listlessness, muscle aches, and a high fever. If you experience any of these symptoms, please seek medical attention immediately.

8) Isolation.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it’s important to isolate yourself if you are infected. This means avoiding contact with other people as much as possible.

9) Food and Water.

Make sure to only consume food and water that has been properly cleaned and disinfected. Do not eat or drink anything that may have come into contact with the virus.

10) Sanitation.

In order to avoid spreading COVID-19, it’s important to practice good sanitation habits. This includes washing your hands frequently, using disinfectant sprays on surfaces, and keeping your living space clean.

11) Making A Plan.

If you think you may be infected with COVID-19, make sure to create a plan so that others around you are aware of your status. Decide who should take care of your children or pets if need be. You can even prepare everyone else for how you will act when you are in the later stages of the virus by practicing what you plan to say.

12) Staying Positive.

It’s important to stay positive during this difficult time. COVID-19 is a highly dangerous disease, but not everyone who contracts it dies. Many people have been able to successfully fight off the virus through proper treatment and medication.

Tips To Make an Effective Informative Infographic

1. Decide on a topic.

When creating an informative infographic, you first need to decide on a topic. This could be anything from the history of COVID-19 to the different ways it can be spread.

2. Gather information.

Once you have a topic in mind, you need to gather information to include in your infographic. And since COVID-19 is a very sensitive topic, be sure to double-check all the information you have and include details that are 100% true. This can be done by conducting research online or interviewing experts in the field.

3. Organize information.

Once you have gathered all of your information, it’s time to organize it into a cohesive layout. This can be done by creating an outline or storyboard to help you visualize the final product.

4. Create graphics and visuals.

Now it’s time to create the graphics and visuals that will appear in your infographic. You can use real images of frontliners risking their lives to save other people from the virus. This can be done by using a free infographic maker like Venngage. They offer a wide range of infographic templates that are available for everyone’s needs. To give you an idea, here are some infographic examples from their website!

5. Write text.

The last step is to write any relevant text for your infographic, such as statistics and definitions of terms used throughout the narrative.

If you are looking for an informative infographic to help educate yourself or your customers about COVID-19, the information we’ve provided should be a good place to start. Remember that prevention is key when it comes to this disease and make sure you’re practicing proper sanitation habits as well as avoiding contact with those who might have been infected.

If you’re struggling to make an infographic from scratch, don’t forget to use Venngage infographics. What are you waiting for? Make an infographic and start saving lives today! 

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