How Much Are Hilton Club Points Worth?

The Hilton Vacation Club is a timeshare program that allows owners to stay at luxurious Hilton resort properties around the world. But figuring out how Hilton Club points work, what they’re worth, and how many you need can be a bit tricky.

Whether you’re thinking about joining the Hilton Vacation Club or are already a member, keep reading. We’re breaking down what you need to know about Hilton Club points.

How Do Hilton Club Points Work?

Before you can understand how Hilton Club points work, it’s important to note that there are actually three different types of points; Club Points, Bonus Points, and Hilton Honors™ Points.

Club Points

When it comes to reserving Hilton resort timeshare properties, the most important points you’ll need to understand are Club Points. 

After joining the Hilton Grand Vacation Club, members receive a specific allowance of this type of points each year. When you join, you’ll have the option to select how many points you’ll receive and pay for each year.

The number of points that you choose will determine which properties you can stay at, the type of room that you’ll get, and how long you can stay. If you’re traveling with a large family, it can also determine how many rooms you’ll get.

How many Club Points you’ll need to cash in to stay at a property will vary depending on the resort’s location, the season you choose to travel, and the type of accommodations you choose.

Bonus Points

Another type of point owners need to know about is Bonus Points. These points are given as a reward to members for their loyalty to the club. These points are valid for us for two years from the date that they are awarded.

Bonus Points can be used for reservations at hotels and resorts, as well as for other purchases, like ClubPartner Perks, and specialty merchandise, or be put towards annual maintenance feeds.

Hilton Honors™ Points

The final type of points to consider are Hilton Honors™ Points. These are not exclusive to the Hilton Vacation Club. Instead, they are earned when anyone stays at a Hilton Property and can be used to get discounts on rooms and other travel perks.

How Many Hilton Club Points Do I Need?

Understanding how much Hilton Club Points are worth isn’t a straightforward answer. Instead, you’ll need a different amount of points depending on the property you want to stay at, the type of room you’re choosing, and when you travel.

For instance, if you want to stay each year in a 2-bed room at Hilton Hawaiian Village-Lagoon, you’ll need 7,000 hgvc points. But for a 2 bedroom in Hilton Plantation Beach Club, you’ll need just 5,000 points.

Planning Your Next Vacation

If you love luxury travel and want to visit some incredible properties around the world, the Hilton Club may be the answer. Understanding how Hilton Vacation Club points work will help you ensure that you get enough to book your dream vacation.

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