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Chinese actor Fang Shilong also known as Jackie Chan is a legendary actor. Since 1960, he is actively working in the film industry and has worked in more than 150 films in his career. Fang Shilong is an actor, director, and expert martial artist. He is famous for his comic timing and innovative stunts in movies which he performs himself. This article is about Watch Jackie Chan Adventures.

In the year 2000, an American animated series came on television on a fictional storyboard that had Jackie Chan as its main character. The Jackie Chan cartoons series became an instant hit and the audience all over the world loved it. 

This animation represents Jackie Chan as we see him in movies. The animated avatar covers Jackie Chan’s comic timing. It takes references from his real life and stunt. Jackie Chan kisscartoon animated series explores many aspects of Chinese philosophy.

In this article, we are going to discuss the famous Jackie Chan adventures kisscartoon series. So keep reading and enjoy with me.

You can watch Jackie Chan adventure on various OTT platforms like Amazon Prime.

What is Watch Jackie Chan Adventures? 

Jackie Chan adventures is a Hong-Kong American animated series. It is a comedy and adventure cartoon series. John Rogers, Duane Capizzi, and Jeff Kline are the creators of this show. 

The show focuses on Jackie Chan’s animated character. The story revolves around this character and his family. The show first came in Sep 2000 and it ran till 2005. This show has a total of 5 seasons. 

The Jackie Chan adventures have many references from the actual life of Jackie Chan. There is an episode ‘He does his own stunts’ which is a direct reference to the real-life of Jackie Chan. In the episode ‘A night at Opera’, the uncle of Jackie Chan in the show says that Jackie Chan was a member of a stage group called ‘Seven Little Fortunes’. This group existed in reality. Our legendary actor Jackie Chan was a part of it in real life. 

Many episodes have names that were inspired by his original movies. For example ‘Enter the J-team’ has taken the inspiration from ‘Enter the dragon.’

You can watch Jackie Chan adventure in various OTT platforms like Amazon prime.

What is Jackie Chan Adventures’ Storyline?

Jackie Chan adventures is an else world’s fiction story. In it, all the Chinese mystical creatures exist as well as monsters, magic, and supernatural forces. Jackie Chan is a resident of America and is an archeologist. He is also an expert in martial arts. 

In episode 1, he uncovers the group of talismans. He has to accept the fact that magic and all mythological creatures exist. He found that the Talismans work under a criminal organization. They want to lead the world to dark forces. Jackie Chan finds a magical object and the talismans start following him. 

After one bad incident, his friend accompanies him. This friend is also the head of a secretive government. This organization’s name is ‘Section-18’. Jackie Chan’s niece also comes to America to help his uncle. Jackie Chan, His uncle, and his niece, and the secret organization’s authorities create a team. 

He and his allies wander all around the world and face off with different creatures. They collect magical objects all around. In the show, some episodes solely focus on Jackie Chan’s family. These episodes show how they fight with magical creatures. 

Although Jackie Chan has not worked in this animated series he comes for his monologues. He often comes to the end of episodes and shares about Chinese mythology and philosophies. 

You can watch Jackie Chan adventure in various OTT platforms like Amazon prime.

Jackie Chan Adventures Cast & Crew:

Following is the list of Jackie Chan Adventures cast & crew. 

James Sie as Jackie Chan– James Sie started his career as the voice artist of the animated character of Jackie Chan. She worked in the show for all five seasons. 

Stacie Chan as Jade Chan– Jade Chan is the niece of Jackie Chan in the show. Firstly Stacie Chan and then Lucy Lio has voiced her. 

Sab Shimono as uncle of Jackie Chan- Sab Shimono has given the voice-over of Jackie Chan’s uncle. 

Clancy Brown as Captain Augustus Black– Captain Augustus Black is the friend of Jackie Chan. He is also the head of the sector-18 secret society.

Julian Snads as Valmort– He is one of the major antagonist in the 1st and 2nd season of the show.

James Hong as Dalong Wong– The main antagonist of the 3rd season. 

Miguel Ferrer as Tarakudo– The main antagonist of the 4th season. 

Michael Rosenbaum as Drago– The main antagonist of season 5. 

Jackie Chan as a guest– Jackie Chan appears at the end of the episodes. He answers the question on Chinese culture and philosophies.

You can watch Jackie Chan adventures on various OTT platforms like amazon prime.

Later Jackie Chan started his own show named Jackie Chan’s Fantasia in 2009. In 2017 Jackie Chan announced a new version of Jackie Chan Adventures series. This show was completely new. It had no connection with the old one.  

How can you watch Jackie Chan Animated series today in 2021?

Jackie Chan Adventures was a super hit show. It was really profitable for everyone. The show came in the year 2000 and continued till 2005 with 5 seasons. The show used to come on the following:

  • cartoon network
  • Disney channel
  • Kid’s WB
  • The WB 

Today if you want to watch Jackie Chan adventures online, you must move to the different OTT platforms. This series is freely available at ‘Crackle’. Jackie Chan Adventures streams also on ‘Amazon Prime Video’ and ‘GogoAnime’. You can use any of the above sources to watch Jackie Chan adventures watch online. 

You can watch Jackie Chan adventures in various OTT platforms like amazon prime.

My thoughts on Jackie Chan Adventures:

Jackie Chan adventures is an animated comedy series. The series is all about family and Chinese mythology. If you like to watch anime then you should watch this show. You can also watch this show with your family.

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