Twisted Wonderland characters

Is your life boring sitting at home during COVID? Watching old movies, web series, and all those old games on PC and your mobile makes you tired? Good News! Here is a different game for your mobile available on both IOS and Android devices – Twisted Wonderland, a Japanese mobile game created by Walt Disney Japan and Aniplex. The game rests on villains or twisted wonderland characters from various Disney films. The twisted wonderland of Disney villain characters will surely give a spark to your boring life.


The creator of the famous Black Butler manga (comics or graphic novels originating from Japan) Yana Toboso is the main brain behind this game. He handles the main concept, scenario, and character designs of the game.

The famous Japanese animation studio Troyca Inc. animates the game’s opening movie. The opening theme song of the twisted wonderland, “Piece of My World” by Night Ravens is catching. Sumire Kowono is the artist behind the twisted wonderland characters drawing the manga’s art and composition credits to Wakana Hazuki.


The Disney twisted wonderland characters are a group of villains from various Disney works which include Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Snow White, Hercules, The Lion King, and Sleeping Beauty.

These characters give the game rhythm and battle elements which makes the game more interesting. Also, these twisted wonderland characters are the main reason for depicting the game as a “villain’s academy adventure game”. 


Before starting the game do not forget to visit the twisted wonderland wiki which is a community site that anyone can contribute. Twisted wonderland wiki is an unofficial English wiki for twisted wonderland games and characters.

All the aspects of the game starting from creating an account, thereby starting a character, battle, summon, etc. are available in this twisted wonderland wiki which acts as a guidebook for the game.


Download and install the Twisted Wonderland game on your mobile. Open the app which greets with a voice “Twisted wonderland” as the title appears on the screen. Then tap on the screen to accept the terms and conditions by agree tab on the screen.

Then input the player name and protagonist name of not more than 8 characters and tap OK to continue. In these twisted names, the player’s name will be the name that is displayed on your profile, and the protagonist’s name will be the name in the game.

Make sure not to enter any personal information or contents that violate public or moral conduct. You can also change the name even after the game starts.


What wonderland character are you choosing? For starting a character in a twisted wonderland game you have seven dormitories to choose twisted wonderland characters. They are as follows:-

(a) Heartslabyul

(b) Savanaclaw

(c) Octavinelle

(d) Scarabia

(e) Pomefiore

(f) Ignihyde and 

(g) Diasomnia

Inside each of these dormitories, you can pick a student and take the hand with the help of a button on the screen, and yes proceed forward. Then you receive the twisted names card. And don’t get upset as the twisted wonderland characters you select will not be the only option in the game. You have much more to go.

As you select your wonderland characters, a battle will start with two other twisted characters as your crew against a huge dark, blue-flamed chimera beast. The other twisted characters in your crew will change depending on which twisted names you select first. The beast will use his powers and will defeat your crew within three turns.


In this game, you are taking the function of a protagonist who has awoken in a surprising place, named Twisted Wonderland. After being free of a coffin through a rowdy magic creature named Grim, you discover yourself to be enrolled inside the prestigious magic school, Night Ravens College.

However, the dormitory assigning ceremony reveals that you have no knowledge of magic mirrors and you are from a different world.

Dire Crowley, the masked headmaster, in surprise shelters you in Ramshackle Dormitory by the time you get your bearings. He calls you a Mr. Perfect on seeing your extraordinary power in uniting people and making twisted characters work together.

Since your knowledge of magic is null the masked headmaster enrolls you and Grim together. The headmaster offers you a task and gifts you a very special camera which is famous for recording memories. He entrusts it to you to capture the lives of you and your classmates!

Even though the students you await are gifted and talented they are also awesome troublemakers and non-cooperative in the twisted wonderland! Will you be able to return to your world and peacefully work with them??? What are the secrets and techniques those twisted wonderland characters hide from you?? Within these twisted names, who is hiding the soul of villains…?


In this boring life, these twisted wonderland characters take you to challenging tasks. The mobile game not only gives relief to your boredom but also ensures that you are getting something more. The kids can get extra reading practice through mobile games since they have to follow all the rules and regulations.

They will read the whole contents and instructions about the twisted Disney wonderland characters which not only increases their reading capability but their imagination too.

Each one of us thinks differently and these differences can be seen in the games too. This curiosity about the game leads to creativity. Solving each task in the game will increase their problem-solving skills which is an added advantage for their life.

Mobile games are a boon to those kids who find it difficult to mingle with the other kids. They will have fun with their imaginary friends the mobile games like twisted wonderland characters. In this lockdown situation, the twisted wonderland and its characters will provide great relief and spark your boredom.