Halfmoon Sandwich Shop

The Halfmoon sandwich shop offers you over 13 years in the capital city region delicious soups, salads, sandwiches, and breakfast. Located at Clifton Park Route 9, stop at lunch, pick-up or delivery time, or order in advance online.

For more, we promise that you will return. Sandwiches give us happiness. Among the 28 Boar’s Head meats, 9 different kinds of cheese, and 10 more toppings, you will certainly find something delicious.

The sandwich shoppe:

The Capital Region’s Best Sandwich Shop, build up your own big menu sandwich, with plenty to offer. The Sandwich & Salad in the sandwich shop offers high-quality fresh meats, tomatoes, onions, and hand-pulled salads! Wait for a little, depending on when you’re going, but it’s worth it!

Halfmoon sandwich:

The Halfmoon Sandwich has been offered in the capital region for more than 13 years with magnificent soups, salads, sandwiches, and breakfast! Stop for luncheon or order in advance on Route 9 at Clifton Park for collection or delivery.

We guarantee that you will return for more You will never be disappointed if you are having difficulty deciding, try one of our signature combinations. The ideal sandwich is made by us. Better yet, alternatives to breakfast are available throughout the day.

Halfmoon deli:

So, it may be the Best Sandwich you’ve ever tasted, whether a morning sandwich at 14 p.m. or a trademark sandwich at Noon. Fill your bottom in Halfmoon Deli. Visit Halfmoon or the south of the country.

Discover Sorrentino’s Delicatessen & Market for a real Italian meal. We have served the best Italian delicacies in the region since 2000. In Halfmoon, New York, and 35 miles away in South Glen Falls, NY, we have two locations.

Check out our extensive range of products:

Our delicious subs are famous for Sorrentino’s Delicatessen & Market. Whether you have dinner or plan a meal for the family is something you will find for all of us. Everyone will find something. Please check our range of:

  • Provisions for Boar Head
  • A wide range of cheeses and sandwiches from Halfmoon sandwich shop.

Half moon salad:

Half Moon Salad is not supposed to be simple. Our salads are made with your choice of ingredients, allowing you to make them as easy or complicated as you want. Make yourself creative.

So, the combinations are endless with three sorts of lettuce and fifty toppings, 15 different dressings, and the choice to cut and roll them into a wrap. There’s no “just a salad” at Halfmoon sandwich shop since our salads are Yours.

Delicious sandwiches:

Happy are the sandwiches. You are sure to make something delicious with 28 Boar’s head meals, nine different kinds of cheese, and ten additional toppings. If you cannot decide, you are not disappointed and you can choose one of our symbolic combinations.

We know how to make the sandwich perfect from Halfmoon sandwich shop. Even better, all day is served with our breakfast options. So, it might be the best sandwich you’ve ever had, whether you’re having a sandwich at 2 p.m. or a signature Noon Sandwich.

How do you rate Halfmoon Sandwich & Salad Shoppe?

The following categories of Tripadvisor travelers include Halfmoon Sandwich Shop & Salad Shoppe:

  • Eating: 4
  • Service: 3.5 Service: 4 value.
  • Ambient: 4 4.

So, a true shop for a sandwich: a real shop for a sandwich – it is a sub-shop, finally. Extensive menu that allows you to get your Sandwich as you like it. Spacious dining room and a rear patio. You could even have a beer.

Great food:

So, this is an excellent Halfmoon sandwich shop! Whenever I finish at Clifton Park, it’s my place. The food is great with a friendly and clean atmosphere. Regardless of where you choose, the same great Italian taste you can expect! Stop for lunch or dinner today.

Food failure of order:

However, you ordered their lumberjack sandwiches but, when you got home, you found out that you had missed homemade fries. The restaurant was named and the next purchase was offered a loan. Oh, well, so far. Ordered again today, but at Hit the Place: look for a socially distant dinner outside.

Here are very good sandwiches and salads from the Halfmoon sandwich shop. There’s nothing about which to complain. Service was extremely friendly and decently packed.

Halfmoon sandwich shop menu:

  • Sluggishness $16 CHILLED & DRESSED $24
  • Alaskan Jumbo Shrimp Crap Legs King –
  • Crap half lobster MKT – PLATTER MKT Crap
  • 1⁄2 lobster, five oysters, four clams, four shrimps
  • Lobber, east 5, western 5, 10 palms, 10 shrimp $70 HALF Moon BOEB lb lobster
  • Daily preparation of $130 DAILY CEVICHE chef $1
  • MIZZE PLATTER hummus, greens, crackers of the za’atar.
  • $21 TAPAS BOARD Yucca bite, pickled pepper, prosciutto-wrapped, bacalaito, crab crostini, tartar crostini

Halfmoon sandwich shoppe menu:

  • Sandwich Oven Gold. 6.75 dollars.
  • Sandwich Cracked Turkish Pepper.
  • Maple Honey Sandwich.
  • Maple Honey Halfmoon Sandwich. 6.75 dollars.
  • Smoked Sandwich smoked. $6.75.
  • Ham sandwich. $6.74

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