Your beautiful career as a Florist

Professions related to flowers and plants are one of the most beautiful and enjoyable professions in the world. To be surrounded by flowers every day and make a living working as a florist is almost a dream job.

Florists: Who are they? What do they do?

A florist is a specialist who creates bouquets and exclusive flower arrangements. The specialist works with flowers in order to create different vibes for a particular event or holiday. The florist creates different flower arrangements and beautiful bouquets with flowers, branches, and vegetation.

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries – all these events require florists and their original ideas. It is safe to say that there is a lack of florists in the world. This profession will always be fashionable and in demand. The primary and difficult thing while working as a florist is finding clients.

Where do florists work?  

  • wedding agencies: creating bouquets for brides and creating flower arrangements for interior decoration 
  • online flower delivery: creating tailor-made bouquets
  • flower shops: sale of bouquets, creating tailor-made bouquets


  • working “for yourself” – providing services for creating flower bouquets at home. It is essential to organize the work process competently: to establish cooperation with shops in floristics, to find suppliers of flowers, to create professional pages on social networks, to invite more subscribers, to create a lot of bouquets, and to put personal works on display. They can do this on zoom due to many zoom premium benefits.

The profession of a florist requires love and interest in flowers and plants, a constant work of imagination, attention to small details, a sense of style and artistic taste, good memory, being sociable, friendly, creative, and, of course, being aware of theoretical knowledge in related fields.

How to become a florist?

To become a florist, it is enough to enroll in a course in floristics, and then everything will depend on you. You can start with floristry basics, which include such fundamental concepts as the technique of creating a bouquet, the classification of plants and flowers, the main rules in floristics, color theory, wedding floristics, and others.

To develop and improve your professional level, it is desirable to attend specialized workshops and seminars. There are also a large number of courses and educational programs on the Internet. For a more in-depth study of the material, you can graduate from a college with a degree in “floristics.” 

Professionalism, sociability, self-confidence, the availability of exclusive ideas and solutions, and the ability to capture the client’s desires are vital to any florist’s success. 

To be in demand among your competitors, you need to monitor new trends constantly, novelties, visit specialized exhibitions and participate in flower festivals and flower shows.


Final Thought’s 

And finally, the benefits of this profession. First of all, you will be spending your life among beautiful flowers, which is an excellent factor for peace of mind and health. By becoming an excellent professional, you can teach others, pass on your knowledge, and, in the end, make a name for yourself and gain a good social status.

And you will never have a headache about what to gift to family and friends for a birthday or New Year. Knowing the temperament of each of the relatives, you will be able to make individual arrangements. That will reflect the main features of a person close to you.

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Skye agostini
Skye agostini
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