7 Reasons to Game and Travel Simultaneously

Having multiple passions or hobbies is extremely common. While some people have a specific interest that dominates their free time, others may like to engage in different activities to ensure their life remains interesting.

Perhaps you mostly identify with the latter, as you have several hobbies that you enjoy occasionally. 

For instance, you may love booking a few days at the ARIA MGM Resort or a similar hotel for a vacation with your closest friends or family. You may even love playing video games, ranging from sports titles to adventure games to first-person shooters.

People often associate gaming with a hobby for those who are secluded from the world or like to spend all their time hiding in their room. Travelers are thought of as adventurous spirits who want to get out there and see the world.

But what if you enjoy doing both? There is no reason why you cannot indulge in both of your hobbies at the same time! Below are seven reasons why you should consider gaming and traveling simultaneously.

1. Playing With Family

Playing games can bring everyone together when you are on vacation with your immediate or extended family. Even if you are traveling to another state or country, there are times when you are not sightseeing, eating at a restaurant, or attending a cultural event.

Perhaps you have time during the plane ride, in your hotel room, or at the airport as you wait for a connecting flight. Playing games during these moments can make the experience of traveling together even more enjoyable.

2. Taking a Breather

Vacations are meant to be a lot of fun, and they are usually very enjoyable. Traveling, however, can become a little hectic if you have planned an itinerary that involves seeing many cities or hotspots in only a few days. 

Sometimes you need to take a breather from sightseeing and exploring new areas of the world. Perhaps you want to spend an hour during the day playing your favorite video game. You can relax, unwind, enjoy a hobby that is familiar to you, and then emerge refreshed as you tackle the rest of your vacation day sightseeing with your family or friends.

3. Playing Different Opponents Online

If you regularly play online games, you can take the opportunity to play the same game in another part of the world. While the gameplay does not change, you will meet different opponents in other parts of the world. You can test yourself against the best players from another region to see if the competition is better or worse in this area.

4. Making New Friends

Playing board games at local gaming clubs is a great way to meet new friends. If you are traveling to a big city, you can look up any coffee shops or cafes where gaming days/nights are held. You can attend one of these events, play your favorite game, and meet interesting new people.

5. Immersing Yourself in Local Culture

Aside from making new friends, playing games in another city or country is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture. Perhaps you can discover a meetup group in a town where people gather outdoors to play specific games. Not only do you get to see the area, but you get to experience it in the same way as the locals.

6. Relaxing to the Maximum

Taking a vacation is all about relaxation and enjoyment. You are not fulfilling an obligation to take a trip; you are going to a new part of the world because you want to explore places you have not seen before.

Whether you are visiting a hotel that has a casino, spending time at a beachside resort, or staying at a luxury hotel in the heart of a major metropolis, you may still want to spend part of your vacation relaxing in bed or on the couch.

Gaming allows you to relax to the maximum, whether you are enjoying a title on your portable console, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

7. Appreciating Longer Games

You will likely have a lot of downtime on your vacation, especially if you are traveling to another country. Plane journeys, airport gate delays, taxi rides, and nights in your hotel room can all add up to many hours of a vacation. 

These moments can be useful for connecting with friends or family, but they are also possible opportunities to enjoy exciting games by yourself. Perhaps you can finally install one of the highly-rated story-based games you have heard about. Since you may not have time during your everyday life to play such long games, you can enjoy one or two of them on vacation!

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