Your Summer Bucket List, 2022

Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors and recharge your internal battery. If you have a tricycle for adults, you’ve got the perfect tool to help. Of course, you don’t need a set of wheels to have fun on sunny days. Here’s the ultimate bucket list if you’re looking for something exciting to try this summer.

Create a Biking Dinner Party for Destinations

Picnics aren’t just for lunch. Summer evenings are a beautiful time to chat with loved ones and enjoy the weather. You can set up a romantic dinner for your significant other, host a big party with friends or make it a family affair with games for the kids. Biking together is just another great addition to the activity, as you get to spend time together doing something you love.

Visit Local Museums

Museums are a great way to combine education and fun. Some even offer discounts during the summer or host special exhibits. If you have kids, look for museums with hands-on exhibits to engage younger visitors.

Go to an Outdoor Concert

During the summer, many places have beautiful weather, making it the perfect time to host outdoor concerts. Many of these take place in public areas such as parks and are free to attend. You can pack a picnic blanket and a few snacks, then bike to the location to avoid traffic.

Visit the Farmer’s Market

Frozen just can’t beat freshness when it comes to fruits and vegetables. If your municipality hosts a farmer’s market, you can have fun biking there and exploring the stalls. You may be surprised at the wide variety of goods available:

  • Fruit preserves and jams
  • Honey
  • Jerky and smoked meats

If you love trying new foods, this should be at the top of your summer bucket list.

Photograph Landscapes

Today, you don’t need a fancy camera to take amazing shots — you can get gorgeous pictures on your phone. If you live near a state or national park, you can explore the trails with a tricycle electric model and document your journey.

Get Ice Cream

Nothing quite hits the spot on a hot summer day like ice cream. If you have a neighborhood ice cream truck, give it a visit. If your neighborhood doesn’t have an ice cream truck, you can bike to your favorite shop.

Host a Barbeque

Summer is the perfect time for a backyard barbeque. Reach out to friends, family, and even the neighborhood for a big get-together with everyone’s favorite barbecue classics:

  • Burgers
  • Hot dogs
  • Ribs

Have everyone bring a side or dessert, and you’ve got a party.

Visit a Tourist Spot

Is there a famous spot in town that tourists always visit, but you’ve never been to? Now is the time to see it. While tourist spots are busy during the summer, they have a lot of activities, so you never have to worry about getting bored.

Everyone can get in on the summer fun with an electric bicycle. Between the best ebikes for seniors and designs for kids, the whole family can get involved.